First date advice for Wizards


William Gallagos

Many couples at MCHS show their love for each other through holding hands.

High school is a time where students begin to mostly focus on their future and their success. However, during that time, some students will go through a relationship, which of course involves going on a date. However, many students feel nervous about asking their date out, especially their first date, as they feel that they will look bad in front of them and end up getting rejected.

Many students usually begin to go out on a date during freshman or sophomore year as they begin to get to know new people and form a strong bond with each other. As a result, the two lovers will go out on a date to a restaurant that is close, which might result with a healthy relationship for both.

One question that is often asked by many is, “Where should I take my date?” Many would consider going to the movies or to a nearby restaurant. However, when senior Ariana Montesinos was asked where you should take your date, she said, “Don’t go out on a movie. You don’t really get to talk with your date.”  One of the most important rules of going out on a date is social interaction, since it expresses your true personality, and it may be a key role in interesting your date.

One such example when you don’t decide to go to the movies is to go to the mall and do several activities that you will find entertaining. When sophomore Miguel Cruz was asked what he did with his date, he said, “To Mainplace walking around and visiting random stores.” Going to the mall is another great location to go out on a date. There are so many places to eat and stores to play around with, which is great for social life.

If going to a movie or restaurant doesn’t fancy you and your date, you should consider going to a local fair such as the OC Fair and do certain activities together such as playing games and going on rides. Doing these activities can help focus you and your date having fun without stressing out and it will help you two gain new memories. “We went to the OC Fair and played games and went on rides, Montesino answered.

In conclusion, going out on a date can be a frightening or a life changing event for anyone. If you already plan on going out on the first date, you can already have some ideas after reading the article or you can do your own research.