Super Straight: A plague to the LGBTQ+ community


Raquel Hernandez

The anti “SS” flag stands in solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

With the recent “Super Straight” trend going around, the LGBTQ+ community has been put under distress with a number of apparent transphobic claims. It all started on internet forum 4chan but gained popularity after a famous TikToker by the name Kyleroyce, posted a video identifying with the toxic, made-up sexual orientation on February 21st. In the video he explains that straight men get called transphobic because they wouldn’t date a trans woman since it’s only a “preference.”

“Super Straight” has been defined according to Urban Dictionary: “When you are born heterosexual but attracted only to the person who has born the opposite gender.” Cisgendered hetero males have been seen to make a majority of those who identify with super straight, and many against the movement have called them out as an excuse to justify transphobia. The TikToker also later stated that he didn’t want to get targeted for coming out as heterosexual who is only attracted to the opposite cisgender sex. 

After that statement, many others started identifying with the “Super Straight” ideology so they couldn’t be attacked for having a personal preference. This is inherently transphobic because it essentially promotes all trans people to be “unattractive,” and that they are less than cisgendered people. This false idea that trans people can’t be attractive is what has put emotional strain on the LGBTQ+ community, and some have gone as far as to say they’re a part of the community because of their preference towards cisgendered people. It is safe to say that no one has taken the movement too seriously. However, users on Twitter and various other social media platforms have heavily targeted and have attacked other users who have the orange and black flag on their profile which was meant to demonstrate “Super Straight pride.”

A counter response to the super straight movement was made by TikToker Procrasclass who stated that those who identify as super straight are saying trans women are not real women which is scientifically inaccurate. This video received a large amount of positive attention but others were not so happy. Trans Exclusive Radical Feminists also known as TERFs supported the movement since they believe trans women are not real women. 

Gender identity has come a long way, especially for those who are trans. The process of transitioning is very difficult and this movement essentially invalidates this by saying they are not real women or men. 

Senior Jacob Cortez said, “ The mental aspects of gender identity is what personifies one’s concept of self.” 

Another senior said, “ I don’t feel comfortable with the situation, people who identify as super straight are blatantly transphobic.” 

Several other people including iross111 on Tik Tok said, “The movement angered me, I have friends who are trans and they felt attacked by their ignorance. People act like trans lives are less than human which is disgusting.”

The LGBTQ+ movement has stated that this in no way correlates with what they stand for, as this supposed sexual orientation has caused harm to the trans community. After the original poster’s video was taken down the movement has since lost its previous momentum and is not seen too often on social media.