The Spellbinder

2017-2018 Staff

Alexis Rodriguez-Mejia


Fun Facts: I love writing poetry and reading poems. I can turn red lights green if I stare at them long enough. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Elizabeth Alvarado


Fun Facts: Played bass for five years. I write poetry as a hobby. Star Wars enthusiast.

Tamara Storms


Fun Facts: I listen to National Public Radio every day to stay up to date on national and global issues. I binge watch "Grey's Anatomy" to relax. I'm a little obsessed with "French girl fashion."

Tais Avila

Front Page Editor

Fun Facts: I like riding my bike throughout the city. I like reading. I like listening to music.

Kasandra Tapia

News Editor

Fun Facts: I quote vines 24/7. It's with a "K" and one "S." I like to read and write while eating Macaroni and Cheese.

Jordan Avila

Feature Editor

Fun Facts: I love hip-hop. Procrastination is a personal issue. I live and breathe Tustin.

Grace Elson

Opinion Editor

Fun Facts: I love to write. Fallout has been my favorite game since I was a kid. "Game of Thrones" is my obsession.

Alex Cervantes

Sports Editor

Fun Facts: I am a massive sports fan. My favorite teams are the Patriots & Bulls. I love reading and watching movies especially Harry Potter. I am a huge nerd. I still love watching Pokemon, SpongeBob, and sports. ...

Jesus Hernandez

Copy Editor

Fun Facts: I've been drawing since I was four. I'm not good with picking favorites. I can never get enough sleeping.

Leo Morales

Social Media Editor

Fun Facts: Let's get one thing straight, I'm not. I think I'm obsessed with Starbucks. I had a mohawk in elementary.

Emanuel Negrete


Fun Facts: I always wear or have a flannel on me. I finally found X, but I still don't know Y. No one knows how to spell my name, and I still don't know Y.

Crystal Delgadillo

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I learned how to swim at 17. I like Dad jokes. "How do you make a Kleenex dance? Put a boogie in it." I also like Fallout.

Malia Rodriguez

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I have surfed since I was six years old. I am terrified of flies. I love playing the piano.

Itzel Perez

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I play multiple instruments. I love to bake and decorate pastries. I love nature.

Sarah Ortega

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I have a various collection of vinyls. I've seen, "The Office" six times. I play the drums.

Jeremy Ocampos

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I wish to become a doctor to help people. I like turtles. I play on PC.

Alberto Cruz

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I hate scary movies. I like penguins. I like playing with my Nintendo Switch.

Sandra Ceballos

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I like to sing and write poems. I like to read sci-fi books. My favorite Disney movie is "Hercules."

Berenice Cortez

Former Features Editor

Fun Facts: I want to be an inventor. Netflix is my guilty pleasure. My YouTube channel is LifeWithBerenice.

Carlos Alba

Former Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I love rainy weather. My favorite time of the year is fall and winter. In the rare occurrence that I have free time, I just sleep or play video games with friends.

Crystal Rivera

Former Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I've been attacked by raccoons twice. I first dyed my hair when I was five. My first cat was named Gato.

Monica Gonzalez

Former Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I was in a pageant when I was nine. I had a pet iguana and he died. I had an emo phase.

Martin Avelar

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I like long romantic walks to the fridge. My music playlist goes from Future to Beethoven. I have a pug.

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