The Spellbinder

2020-2021 Staff

Rebecca Guerrero


My favorite color is royal blue, I want to travel the world, and I love to sing with my niece.

Maria Alegria


  I love my dog Roxy. I’m left-handed. I live in a blue house.

Stephanie Cervantes

News Editor

My flappy bird score is still 130. I met David Dobrik on Zoom. Harry Styles is my favorite actor.

Justin Memije-Funes

Features Editor

  I like dogs, I like eating crepes, and my dog's name is Piggy.

Carolyn Tran

Features Editor

I love vintage things, my favorite dessert is ice cream, and I cannot whistle.

Jazmin Chavira

Multimedia Editor

I have an 11-year-old dog, my arms are double-jointed, and I don’t drink milk.

Evelyn Gudino

Opinion Editor

I learned all the countries of the world over the first months of quarantine, I love watching/reading about crimes and my comfort show is "Supernatural."

Sahira Carino

Arts and Entertainment Editor

My entire room is white. I can’t be in the sun for more than ten minutes. I love capturing everything with a photo or a video. 

Jason Espiritu

Sports Editor

  My favorite sport is basketball, I love working out, and my favorite food is pizza.

Viviana Rivera

Social Media Manager

  I’ve been 5’4 since 6th grade, I bought my first car at 16, and I’m not allergic to anything @jaz ;)

Christine Hinckley

Staff Writer / Design Assistant

  I was first chair clarinet in middle school, I taught myself how to play guitar, and I went to a rock concert on a school night.

Ivette Soloranzo

Staff Writer / Design Assistant

  I love cats, I have an obsession with crime shows, and my favorite movie is "Howl’s Moving Castle."

Juan Alvarado

Staff Writer

I love drawing, I love dogs especially puppies, and my favorite artists are the Weekend and Juice Wrld.  

Robert Ayala

Staff Writer

  I enjoy rainy days. I listen to a lot of music. I only enjoy MCHS when school’s out (After 2:50). 

Valerie Chavez

Staff Writer

I’ve read all the Harry Potter books, I haven’t grown since 6th grade (I’m 4’11), and I'm a big Beatles fan. 

Esmeralda Coeto Medina

Staff Writer

  I love strawberries, my favorite animal is a polar bear, and my favorite color is gray.

Elizabeth Correa

Staff Writer

I'm very opinionated, I love clothes, and my favorite artists are Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd. 

Noe De Santiago

Staff Writer

I love watching "Star Wars" in my spare time, I love listening to music, and I sleep whenever I am stressed out.

William Gallegos

Staff Writer

  I love exotic animals, I like to skate, and I am in 4-H.

Andoe Glaser

Staff Writer

  I play the guitar, I love documentaries, and my dog shares a name with a college.

Fabiola Gomez

Staff Writer

  My favorite animal is a llama, I love rings and I wear 10 of them on my hands every day, and I’m 5’0”.

Aliris Gonzalez

Staff Writer

  I love to dance, I have a weakness for babies, and I am very sensitive. 

Victor Guillen

Staff Writer

  I am 6’3, I’m currently loving the game Among Us, and I have an autograph of Tom Hanks.

David Joaquin

Staff Writer

  I strike a random pose in every picture I’m in, the only time I'm not listening to music is when my AirPods are charging, and soccer is the love of my life.

Leslie Portillo

Staff Writer

Itzel Quiroz

Staff Writer

  I have over 20 pairs of sneakers, I love watching "The Simpsons," and my sisters and I all have the same initials (I.Q.)

Jaquelyn Robledo

Staff Writer

  I have a big obsession with boybands, I wear red almost every day, and I can name every baseball team out of memory.

Lizzette Rodriguez

Staff Writer

  In 7th grade I was the leading role in my school's play, one of my favorite childhood video games is Left 4 Dead, and I enjoy watching anime.

Brandon Rubalcava

Staff Writer

  I love Marvel movies, my favorite dessert is tiramisu, and I enjoy playing video games.

Ashley Santana

Staff Writer

  I have a coffee addiction, I love the cold, and my favorite band is Slipknot.

Brendon Teth

Staff Writer

  I have an English Bulldog, I know how to play the melodica, and I main Roy in Super Smash Bros.

Sandy Villalobos

Staff Writer

Mrs. Storms


I am currently obsessed with British murder mysteries, I miss eating snacks with my journalism students since we're only online, and I might be turning into a vampire lately as I rarely leave the house.

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