The Spellbinder

2019-2020 Staff

Genesis Lopez

News Editor

Fun Facts: I have 6 chickens. I ♡ soccer. I'm the youngest senior.

Rebecca Guerrero

Opinion Editor

Fun Facts: I love stuffed animals. I sing like a maniac with my niece. I'm a bookaholic.

Franco Chavez

Sports Editor

Fun Facts: I'm Peruvian. I got my drivers license at 16. My middle name is Danut.

Dylan Mai

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I have a black belt in Taekwondo. I once stared down a wild black bear. I love the Anaheim Ducks more than I love myself.

Justin Memije

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I have a dog. I like the color blue. I don't like Pokemon.

Jamie Sanchez

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: President of the non-existent lonely but together club. Currently listening to Jamais Vu by BTS. Wastes too much time playing Stardew Valley.

William Gallegos

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I have 7 chickens. I play drums. I like to play video games.

Viviana Rivera

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I met David Henrie. I love dogs. I've been 5'4 since 6th grade.

Sahira Carino

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I love David Dobrik. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I have 10+ pets.

Andres Reyes

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: 16 years sober. Beast Fortnite player. Discovered that cockroaches have milk.

Lucia Martinez

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I am trilingual. I've never had cable. I am appendix free.

Alan Cuevas

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: Up and coming rapper (Next 2PAC). I talk to dogs. I could eat the hottest wing at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Christopher Garcia

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: My favorite color is yellow. I prefer Converse over Vans. I like iced coffee.

Pedro Morales

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I like stars. I can't live without dank memes. I like animals.

Daniel Salazar

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I can play 3 instruments. I can draw Starry Night from memory. I can program robots.

Genesis Serratos

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I have 2 huskies. I absolutely love The Office. I have 3 sisters.

Priscila Castro

Multimedia Editor

Fun Facts: I'm really blind. I love Erik Le <3. I love drinking coffee.

Jazmin Chavira

Multimedia Editor

Fun Facts: I have a 10 year old dog named Chewy. I used to play softball. I have never drank a glass of milk before.

Alex Cervantes


Fun Facts: I didn't receive a score on the SAT because I messed up my name. I've worked with dangerous chemicals making solutions. Fun fact I don't have fun facts.

Stephanie Cervantes


Fun Facts: I have bangs but only on Twitter. My Flappy Bird high score is 130. I can roller skate backwards.

Maria Alegria

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Fun Facts: I'm left handed. I love my dog Roxy. I live in a blue house.

Emily Corona

Features Editor

Fun Facts: I have a cat named Bootz. Freddie Mercury is da best. My favorite club is Wizards for Water.

Maria Peralta

Former Opinion Editor

Fun Facts: My favorite Pokémon is Dosclops. All my clothes are thrifted. My favorite anime is Mob Psycho 100.

Jessie Ortiz

Former Multimedia Editor

Fun Facts: Current ASB President 1 -minute videos take about 1-2 hours to edit. I met Evan on the first day of 6th grade.

Emanuel Negrete


Fun Facts: I really love the color purple I probably write more than I speak Ask me about my favorite gift

Jordan Avila

Former Columnist

Fun Facts: I live in Tustin. I want a Hydroflask. I'm the guy on the microphone.

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