The Spellbinder

2018-2019 Staff

Alexis Rodriguez-Mejia


Fun Facts: I love writing poetry and reading poems. I am the first person to be the Editor-In-Chief two years in a row for our school newspaper. Pain is weakness leaving the body.

Kasandra Tapia


Fun Facts: I have an obsession with shoes. I'm a vegan. I have ruby ball cacti named Nora and Sandy.

Tamara Storms


Fun Facts: I listen to National Public Radio every day to stay up to date on national and global issues. I binge watch "Grey's Anatomy" to relax. I'm a little obsessed with "French girl fashion."

Alex Cervantes

News Editor

Fun Facts: I am a massive sports fan. My favorite teams are the Patriots & Bulls. I love reading and watching movies especially Harry Potter. I am a huge nerd. I still love watching Pokemon, SpongeBob, and sports. ...

Grace Elson

Opinion Editor

Fun Facts: I have about 800 hours on Fallout. I've been skateboarding since I was 7. My favorite band is Cage the Elephant.

Pilar Villareal

Staff Writer

Fun Facts My favorite books series is: The Series of Unfortunate Events I enjoy cooking/baking I love coffee (iced coffee)

Miguel Martinez

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I love math and physics; I learn them for fun. I love the ocean and fishing, and sushi is my favorite food. Aspiring entrepreneur. Self education is best education 😜

Franco Chavez

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I'm an astronomer. I'm a journalist. I'm Peruvian <3

Fatima Escobedo

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I love dogs. I like listening to Alternative music. I love to watch horror movies.

Jason Andrei Espiritu

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: Basketball is my all-time favorite sport. I'll annoy most people I know. "Work hard because when the time comes, everyone will know your name."

Joanna Mejia

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I love to eat açaí bowls and chickens. All kinds of chickens: grilled teriyaki chicken, fried chicken, grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken salads, chicken tenders, chicken fries. All that! Except for barbequ...

Edgar Hernandez

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I've watched "Grey's Anatomy" three times... and counting. I McLove McChickens. Medicine is cool.

Anthony Robledo

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I love television. I hate green beetles. Dead or alive. George O' Malley deserved better.

Joseluis Rangel

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I love writing stories. Titan Master Race. "The deep black is many things but never lonely." -Xûr (Destiny Universe)

Leslie Salgado

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I'm 4' 10". I'm double jointed. I collect stickers.

Rebecca Guerrero

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I sometimes break out into song and dance. I'm often off in my own world. I like to learn how to say hello in different languages.

Alexandra Quiñones

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: I have a white pet bunny with red eyes. One of my favorite memories would be titled "The water-bottle incident." My friends describe me as independent, insightful, and charismatic.

Christopher Chavez

Staff Writer

Fun Facts: My favorite bands are the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. My favorite food is sushi. My favorite show is Breaking Bad.

Jacob Mendez

Staff Writer

Fun Fact: Boxing is my favorite sport. I love watching shows but hate movies. I am 5' 8.

Jessie Ortiz

Multimedia Editor

Fun Facts: Aspiring graphic designer. 1 -minute videos take about 1-2 hours to edit. I met Evan on the first day of 6th grade.

Adriana Flores

Former Social Media Editor

Fun Facts: I always have something Vans™ related on me. I love to read National Geographic articles. My life goal is to travel to Amsterdam and visit the Van Gogh Museum.

Maria Peralta

Features Editor

Fun Facts: I love video games! My favorite is Earthbound. I have a 15-year-old chihuahua named Dulce. My favorite band is System of a Down.

Emanuel Negrete

Columnist & Sports Editor

Fun Facts: I always wear a flannel. My favorite color is purple. I love spaghetti.

Tais Avila

Former News Editor

Fun Facts: This is my third year as a journalist in the Spellbinder. I'm always open to making friends. I  enjoy watching musicals with friends and/or family.

Jordan Avila

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Fun Facts: I have four eyes. My hair is 6 inches long. I haven't grown since 7th grade.

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