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The Spellbinder

The Student News Site of Middle College High School @ Santa Ana College

The Spellbinder

The Student News Site of Middle College High School @ Santa Ana College

The Spellbinder

Seventh-graders pose in front of the big SAC gym with Walter the Wizard.
Seventh-graders visit Middle College High and learn about our campus
Joselin Corrales and Shirley Gonzalez May 16, 2023

Seventh-graders from Santa Ana middle schools Romero Cruz Academy, Sierra Preparatory Academy, MacArthur Intermediate, and Lathrop Intermediate...

The students who attended the book club were able to take pictures and get autographs of Candi Sary.
Author Candi Sary's annual visit to sophomore book club inspires young writers
Emily Lombarde, Features Editor • April 21, 2023

Turquoise jacket, turquoise earrings, turquoise nail polish. This is Candi Sary. Sary is a published author, who is a personal friend of teacher...

Angelina Patino is one of the candidates running for ASB president.
Meet the candidates running for ASB president
Andoe Glaser, Co-Editor-in-Chief • April 19, 2023

Middle College High School ASB presidential elections will be held on April 20. Here are the candidates running for ASB president. Angelina...

The current meme climate poses a risk to democratic ideals due to the spread of misinformation.
Are political memes ruining democracy's dreams?
Christine Hinckley, Co-Editor-in-Chief • May 22, 2023

The homophobic dog. Ryan Gosling sigma male. John Cena dancing. My body is a machine. I bring a sorta vibe. The staring Avatar guy. If you...

AA candidates are gathered together.
Rolling out the red carpet for our senior stars
Christopher Armenta, Staff Writer • May 18, 2023

After four years of preparation, seniors are ready to embark on a new journey. Senior Signing Day is our way to congratulate the class of 2023....

Award winning symposium presentation by sophomore Paola Sanchez talking about the systems connected to the issue of food waste.
Symposium showcase 2023
Kaitlyn Figueroa, Arts & Entertainment/Sports Editor • May 17, 2023

This month, sophomore students showed off presentations about the patterns in murders, the creation of serial killers, parent child relationships,...

Trans woman winning a swimming competition.
Should transgender women be allowed to compete in women's sports?
Andy Morales, Staff Writer • May 23, 2023

Picture this. Weeks before a running competition, women have been putting all their effort into preparing for the race. To prepare, women diet and work out more often in order to achieve the perfect body to compete. 12...

I haven’t heard [of] the connection, but I have assumed before that my plushies have really helped me. - Diego Mercado
The impact of plushies on mental health
Belinda Quintana, Staff Writer • May 11, 2023

When we think of plushies or stuffed animals, kids come to mind. This is mainly cause the media portrays it this way. When you grow up, you’re supposed to grow out of your plushies, right? Well, this is not exactly the...

Teens are stressing over social media.
The negative impacts of social media on teens
Andy Morales, Staff Writer • March 23, 2023

Teens believe that going on social media makes them feel good. When their followers like their posts or comment on their posts, they feel loved. They have a sense of belonging. Teens have established a social status based...

Players can be persuaded to make small, repeated purchases with real money to buy currency within a game for additional virtual content; microtransactions become more frequent during limited-time events in video games.
How video games get you to pay more than you already have
Paige Burgueno, Staff Writer • May 18, 2023

Video game players often wait in anticipation for the release of a new game or a new update being added to a game. Now, games are released at a higher price and multiple versions are available with varying prices and content....

Misconceptions about punk, rock, and metal hide the truth about these genres origins and relevance.
Listening to the devil’s music: The history of punk, rock, and metal
Kaitlyn Figueroa, Arts and Entertainment Editor • March 31, 2023

Vigorous vocals, loud distorted riffs, and stripped-down instrumentals are all characteristics of rock, punk, and heavy metal music. These genres and the subgenres within them carry their own unique characteristics. Listening...

Among the scandals involving K-pop stars, the case of Lucas is the most disturbing.
Sexual assault and gaslighting: Students weigh in on K-pop’s latest scandals
Belinda Quintana, Staff Writer • March 31, 2023

Scandals like sexual assault in the Korean music industry affect multiple idols and their fanbases--- leading some people to turn away from the genre completely. It’s also causing the entertainment companies to cut ties...

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