Middle College High School Class of 2019 keeps raising the bar


Pilar Villareal

A photograph of the Santa Ana College Cap and Gown of 2019.

Every year, Middle College students seem to reach new levels of success. This year, Middle College seniors are graduating with the most associate degrees the school has seen students achieve. This means students are going beyond accomplishing the 60 units required and taking more classes. Of course, accomplishing all of this is beneficial for the students and the school, but what motivates the students?

Mr. Voight, principal at Middle College, states that only about 37 seniors obtained their AA degrees last year. This year, 61 students will be obtaining their associate degrees. That’s almost the double amount of students compared to last year. When asked what he believed motivated students, Mr. Voight answered,” I believe students are starting to become aware of just how competitive college acceptances are getting. Students are understanding that they need to do more to become more appealing.”

Mr. Voight also goes on to say that when students see how poorly previous classes have performed, they are motivated to pursue more. Of course, he is ecstatic and proud for the huge accomplishment this senior class has done.

Ana Gonzalez, senior at Middle College, will be obtaining two associate degrees this year as well as a Pathway to Law certificate. Gonzalez states, “There is a competitive atmosphere between students about how many degrees they are getting. That has inspired me to achieve more. My parents did not have all the educational opportunities I have now, so they are also big motivators in my journey.”

Gonzalez also goes on to explain that students are now taking more advantage of SAC resources.

Senior Jacqueline Hernandez will be obtaining three associate degrees. She states that her drive was not to obtain multiple AA’s, but simply to take as many career-oriented courses as possible. When asked what she thought about being the most AA achieving class she said, “I’m doing it for myself; I wouldn’t want to compare myself for other classes. I feel we can all do it.”

Students benefit from obtaining their AA in multiple ways. They get a head start by finishing their general education requirements early. Students are exposed to more career-oriented classes and get certainty that the path they are following is something they are passionate about. For many majors, obtaining an AA also offers the certification jobs require. There are actually people that come back to obtain their associates degree after getting their bachelor’s for this purpose.