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The Spellbinder

The snare of food; why do students willingly spend money at the cafe and the Quick Stop?

Emmanuel Rodriguez-Mejia
The Quick Stop inside the Johnson Student Center where students purchase snacks or food.

From caffeine-fueled drinks to warm meals, the Quick Stop and the recent addition of the cafe, have and continue to shape the life of students at MCHS. Questions remain about what drives these students to spend their money within these places. Is it the convenience, the diverse food and snack availability, or perhaps the warm, freshly prepared meals?

A frequent shopper at the cafe, junior Genesis Mendez shares why she decides to buy from the cafe.

“The proximity of it is very good. The pricing of it is also not pretty bad, so I do end up going there when I just want a matcha latte,” Mendez said.

It seems that the proximity, pricing, and variety of the cafe’s menu reels in a lot of the students. The cafe’s social media actively post on their Instagram to show off the new and tasty products.

On the other hand, sophomore Yara Haquet, a frequent shopper at the Johnson Student Center’s Quick Stop, shares why they shop there.

“The Pocky Sticks. I check every single day,” Haquet said.

Sophomore William Mendiola, shares why he chooses to shop at the Johnson Student Center’s Quick Stop.

“Basically, my laziness to go to Smart and Final and to pack myself a lunch,” Mendiola said.

Despite the possible perceived “pricey” nature of the establishments, students find the cost reasonable for the quality and convenience provided. According to El Don News, prices range from $2 -$5.50 for drinks and $5.50-$10 a meal in the cafe. These prices can accommodate different types of budgets. The students comment on this.

“[Prices are] actually really good compared to Target and other places, and they don’t charge taxes, so that’s great,” Haquet said.

The reasonable prices attract new and returning customers. Mendez shares her opinions on the prices.

“For what it is, it’s pretty good. I understand that inflation is something that has to be kept in mind, but besides that, it’s pretty good prices. I really love the matcha lattes and their price. I think it’s a pretty good price for what it is,” Mendez said.

On the other hand, Mendiola shares a warning about spending too much money.
“I spent over $300 in the Johnson Center, and that’s within a year. Spend your money wisely,” Mendiola said.

However, beyond the prices and offerings of the Quick Stop and cafe, these places play a crucial role in the daily routine of students. For many, these spots serve as a crucial place where they can hang out with friends and purchase a variety of things.

“I would say that I think the Johnson Center and the cafe are something that most students use and it does impact their daily lives. I mean, most of the time, Monday through Thursday, many students go there every single day during their free periods and their lunch, “ Mendez said.

While students spend a lot of money for different reasons at the Quick Shop and cafe, it is inevitable to realize that without these places, MCHS and Santa Ana College would be very different. These shops have become pillars for students to get the necessities that they need to survive throughout their high school journey.


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