“Dawn FM”: Album of the year?

The Dawn FM album cover is The Weeknd turning into an old man with a scared look on his face.


The “Dawn FM” album cover is The Weeknd turning into an old man with a scared look on his face.

If you enjoy r&b/soul music then you’re in luck because The Weeknd just released his sixth studio album. “Dawn FM” is the title of the album with sixteen tracks that combine a total of 52 minutes. This album was released on Jan. 7, 2022, and went #1 on the charts a couple weeks after. Although The Weeknd hasn’t openly talked about the album’s meaning, we can interpret it in our own ways.

¨Dawn FM¨ features many other artists like Tyler The Creator, Lil Wayne, Jim Carrey, and Quincy Jones. Jim Carrey and Quincy Jones both receive their own track on the album whereas Tyler The Creator and Lil Wayne feature on one track each. This album was similar in a way to his previous album “After Hours” because of how they’re both inspired by 80’s type of music. Some believe that “Dawn FM” is a sequel to “After Hours” when Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd) stated the album’s concept was “a state of purgatory.” This album represents a radio station and acts as one throughout multiple tracks.

The first track of this album begins with the track “Dawn FM” which is a minute and thirty-six seconds long. This track has The Weeknd and Jim Carrey on it, with The Weeknd singing and Jim Carrey narrating towards the end. This track is the intro to the album with Jim Carrey being the “radio station host.” 

The second track of Dawn FM is “Gasoline” which is three minutes and thirty-two seconds long. “Gasoline” is a song with only The Weeknd on it. Gasoline talks about drug use and possibly a toxic relationship when saying “I want you ’cause’ we’re both insane.” This song to me is a 10/10 due to the new style of singing and how good it sounds. 

The next track is “How Do I Make You Love Me” which is three minutes and thirty-four seconds long. This song talks about his past relationship and he goes on to continue questioning how he can make her love him and make their relationship last “eternally.” This song is also a 10/10.

The third track perfectly transitions to the fourth titled “Take My Breath.” This track in the album is five minutes and thirty-nine seconds long. This track was released as a single in 2021 before the entire album was released. The album, “Take My Breath” has a longer intro than the previously released single. This song is both about love and lust. Although definitely a bit overplayed this song is a 9/10. The only flaw is the super long intro. 

The fifth track is titled “Sacrifice” and is three minutes and nine seconds long. This song is about a woman trying to fix him and his ways but fails as he says he doesn’t want to sacrifice for her love and says to not catch feelings. I believe this song is also a 10/10. 

The next track doesn’t have The Weeknd on it at all but rather a story told by Quincy Jones, a producer. Jones explains family problems and how it affects his love life and poor ability to keep a woman around. Personally, I believe this track was put on the album because The Weeknd looks up to Jones and because The Weeknd also relates to the story told. 

The seventh track is “Out Of Time” and is three minutes and thirty-four seconds long. This song is purely sung by The Weeknd but towards the end, Jim Carrey is narrating once again. This track is personally my favorite from the album. He is reminiscing in this song about a past relationship and how his trauma affected their relationship but now she has moved on from him. Hence the title “Out Of Time” because he regrets the way he treated her and wants her back. In the end, Jim Carrey explains how the listeners are almost to the end of possibly the “purgatory.” With this being my favorite track it’s an easy 10/10. 

The next track is titled “Here We Go… Again” which is three minutes and thirty seconds long. This song features another famous artist, Tyler The Creator. This song is about falling in love again and both artists sing about love and being in love. This track is slower compared to the other songs on the album. This song is an 8/10 just because I believe Tyler could’ve done a bit more. 

The ninth track is titled “Best Friends” and is two minutes and forty-four seconds long. This song only has The Weeknd on it and no features. This song talks about a toxic relationship and now they can only be friends with benefits. The Weeknd has talked about his failure to commit in previous albums and this song has a similar meaning. This song is also one of my favorites off the album and is an easy 10/10. 

From the ninth track, it smoothly transitions into “Is There Someone Else?” This song is three minutes and nineteen seconds long and again only has The Weeknd on it. Here, he sings about asking if his love interest has someone else and how he’s changed his ways to be with her. I believe this song is also a 10/10.

The tenth track transitions to the eleventh track titled “Starry Eyes” which is two minutes and twenty-eight seconds long. In this song, he talks about how he can be there for his love interest while she picks herself back up again. This song is again more on the slow side and an 8/10. 

The twelfth track is called “Every Angel Is Terrifying” and is two minutes and forty-seven seconds long. At the beginning of this track, The Weeknd is speaking rather than singing. Then it goes on to act as a commercial promoting a fictional film called “After Life.” 

The next track is titled “Don’t Break My Heart” and is three minutes and twenty-six seconds long. In this song, he asks the woman to not break his heart because he won’t be able to take it. I would give this song a 9/10 the only flaw is that it’s a bit repetitive. 

The fourteenth track is called “I Heard You’re Married” which is four minutes and twenty-four seconds long. This song features a popular artist, Lil Wayne. In this song, he sings about an affair he’s having and he finds out she’s married. Then, Lil Wayne continues to rap about how he doesn’t want to be the side piece but rather actual lovers. This song is definitely a 10/10. 

The fifteenth track is titled “Less Than Zero” and is three minutes and thirty-two seconds long. In this song, he talks about how his former love interest would rather leave him because she tried her best to be with him but couldn’t. This song is another 10/10 because of the storytelling and vocals. 

The next and final track is titled “Phantom Regret By Jim” and is exactly three minutes long. This track solely only has Jim Carrey on it. It’s the outro to the entire album and talks about death and entering heaven by the end of the song. 

Overall, this album was a definite 10/10 and was beautifully put together and soul-grabbing. Many celebrities from Zendaya to Kid Cudi have spoken about the album and how great it is. “Dawn FM” is available on all streaming platforms.