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The nostalgic power of music

Nataly Morales
Music has the power to take us back to the past.

During my middle school years, I used to play the flute as a stress reliever. Since playing the flute took time and effort, it was a form of music I enjoyed doing for quite some time. It became a source of distraction I used when dealing with personal problems. Around this time it made me realize that music was like learning a new language again and made me more aware that there is more to music, a deeper connection.

Music affects people in various ways. For some, music works as a trigger for emotions, thoughts, and ideas. For others, music has become a support system. In the 1800s, Willem van de Wall began using music to help with mental health issues and medical problems. Music has evolved into a “medicine” that reduces pain, encourages relaxation, enhances communication abilities, and offers comfort to individuals during challenging times.

According to a blog post published on the website for an organization which helps provide music therapy for sick children and teens called, engaging with instruments or listening to music can lower stress levels.

You probably know that music comes in different genres, each associated with different emotions. Think about those feelings you get when listening to your favorite song.

The interpretation of music can vary based on your perspective of the song and how it resonates with your life, creating a personal connection between the song and yourself.

A song that I personally have a connection with is “Love Yourz” by J. Cole. This song is a reminder to love my life to the fullest, and feel blessed for what I have.

Music is an escape mechanism for many, offering solitude for thoughts or feelings. During significant events, people often turn to music to express themselves or listen to music genres that uplift their spirits. Often, you can indicate what someone is feeling or thinking by the music they choose.

Once I play music, it’s like stepping into a bubble, where I physically and mentally give myself a break.

Usually, a soothing bath accompanied with music works as a reminder that I can still have my own personal time, outside of school or anything else going on around me. The music is like the cherry on top of the bath, it makes up the energy in the room. If I’m listening to R&B music, my mood will be different when listening to Latin music.

In another blog post on a website for the nonprofit organization, Save the Music Foundation, author Lia Peralta found that different types of music can impact emotions, helping individuals understand their consciousness to process their emotions vividly.

In my experience, listening to music has helped me get through tough times and express the way I’ve felt on many occasions. When I can’t find words to express the way I feel, music is an easier way to express yourself without having to say anything.

In another blog post on a website for the nonprofit organization, Harmony & Healing, author David Victor found that listening to music that resonates with your feelings can be a good way to release any emotions. Certain music genres may bring back memories from different moments in life, including the emotions associated with those moments.

Music has helped me get through tough times, but also get through everyday tasks. I find joy in doing what needs to be done with music playing in the background. Whether I’m getting ready or engaging in certain activities, music uplifts my energy.

Back in March of 2022, music became my own escapism. During this time my grandpa passed away; he was like a father figure to me, so it really impacted me socially, and mentally. I would always see him around music; whether he was listening to music, singing, or dancing he was always around tunes. When he passed, I found comfort in listening to some of his favorite songs, because it brought back memories of us together. It made me feel connected with him in a way.

In particular, one of my grandpa’s favorite song was “Amores Fingidos” by Carlos y Jose. My grandpa dedicated this song to my grandma when they were just kids, not knowing they would be together for the rest of their lives. This song became a visual representation of their love for each other, which is why it became one of my favorites. When I listen to this song it reminds me of their love story, and the purity in his eyes when he would speak about my grandma. This song elevates my mood, serving as a sense of hope that there is still pure love out there, you just have to let time do its thing.

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