Streaming Wars


Jaquelyn Robledo

Students now have to pay for multiple streaming services to watch shows and movies.

Quicker and quicker the bills are piling up and your phone storage is reaching its max. Back in 2007, Netflix began allowing audiences to stream content, making way for a new form of story consumption. This lead to terms like “binge-watching”– the era of streaming services has made watching shows on a cable network as unpopular as DVDs.

The success of Netflix comes with the rise of more and more streaming services forcing audiences to ask themselves, “Which streaming services should I subscribe to?”

Sophomore Mia Romo said that she has five streaming services which include, “Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Video, and CrunchyRoll Premium.”

Different services have different content which makes the consumers subscribe to more and more services.

Sophomore Kimberly Lopez said, “Well I had Netflix first because Netflix has a wide variety, but some movies I wanted to watch aren’t there.”

Netflix is the most popular service and Romo also said that she at first only had Netflix.

However, the downside about Netflix that everyone mentioned is that shows and movies are constantly being removed from the service.

Senior Brenda Granados said, “I only had Netflix first. I hate it because the best shows were taken off.”

Romo also said that, “[Netflix] either takes off really great movies or shows for years and when they put them back on it’s for a few months only”

One of the most popular shows on Netflix in 2020 was “The Office” and the last day of 2020 was also the last day that “The Office” was available to watch on Netflix. “The Office” is now on a new free streaming service named Peacock. Peacock has three options the consumer can choose from. There is a free option, but there are commercials and not every movie or TV show is available.

There are certain celebrities who have specials on different streaming services. The most recent announcement is that 19-year-old singer, Billie Eilish, is releasing her documentary on Apple TV which is another streaming service. Other celebrities who have specials are Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift, both of whom have recorded concerts on Netflix. Having celebrities’ content on certain services makes consumers subscribe to those services so that they can watch them.

However, with the creations of more and more streaming services, keeping your bill low is harder.

Senior Andres Vergara said, “I originally paid for Netflix for 18 dollars, and I cut it off because it was getting expensive, and they got rid of a lot of shows.”

Vergara is currently subscribed to Hulu and HBO Max but said that he would get Netflix again to rewatch the show “Girlfriends.” Vergara also said that he got HBO Max to watch “Gossip Girl” which was also taken off Netflix in 2020.

When asked if she would consider subscribing to more services Lopez said, “I was thinking about getting Hulu but the services would pile up so we never got it; paying for multiple services does pile up, that’s the reason we don’t pay for more.”

Granados mentioned that she hates paying for the streaming services.

“They’re getting more expensive,” she said, and she doesn’t enjoy the shows that are on Netflix.

Over time the streaming service business has continued to increase. With more shows constantly being released, the business doesn’t seem to have an end date. The cost of subscribing makes the consumer debate which services are worth the price.