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How do characters hardships influence the audience in the real world?

Lyzeth Rodriguez
Individuals often deal with many hardships, but how do characters’ stories help them power through?

Life’s issues and problems are universal experiences that many deal with in a multitude of ways. One of the most empathetic ways people get through these obstacles is by having a relatable character to get them past this chapter in their life.

Being from two different realms, the real world and the imaginary, does not shy away from the misfortune and suffering an individual may endure. By having a character people can relate to, many individuals have grasped the bravery and confidence of the character they’ve looked up to in order to crawl through their difficult blocks in life.

Characters in storylines, whether that be movies, books, or video games, have the power and capacity to dictate how an individual powers through their situations. Although their spirits are merely fictional, their impacts are long-lasting upon the viewers getting introduced to their story.

Former MCHS After-School Coordinator and avid book reader, Genesis Perez, has had a passion for reading since her early childhood. Feeling the ways characters can seep into your heart, she’s had her run of characters whose views and actions have pushed her through difficult situations.

“I remember loving Pearl from “Shanghai Girl by Lisa See; she is the oldest sister and she loves her younger sister and her family. I can relate to that as I am the oldest and love my two younger sisters deeply.” Perez said.

Having the role of being the older sister comes with its responsibilities and hardships. The burden of the expectation of acting like a role model for your younger siblings is no easy task when all eyes are on you. This predicament can apply to the character Pearl from the book “Shanghai Girls” by Lisa See as her responsibility of being the older sister prompted her with the weight of being the person her siblings look up to when dealing with their struggles of war and family secrets.

When asked about how she thinks characters empower us, sophomore and bookworm Emily Melchor shares how these characters play a crucial role in our ability to stand up to hardships.

“In sixth grade, I read a chapter book called “Esperanza Rising.” Esperanza, the main character, was pretty relatable to me because she struggled with a lot of racial issues due to her Hispanic heritage,”Melchor said.

Despite going through many challenges because of her race, Esperanza showed many abilities in her story that shaped her resilience. These same abilities presented are what got Melchor through the difficulties that came with her heritage.

Melchor also shared how she benefited and is continuing to develop her empathy from reading about other’s experiences.

“I think reading about people’s resiliency makes me more determined to continue working hard because seeing other people go through struggles and being able to overcome them gives me a sense of hope that I’ll be able to do the same,” Melchor said.

By looking through the lens of fictional or real people’s difficult situations, almost any individual can take something from their experiences that may allow them to prosper through any hardships presented to them. By analyzing and watching how their character got through a situation physically and emotionally, the viewer may exhibit the same brave traits to get them out of a tough time in their life.

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