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Rising Talent: OnlyToday

Created by OnlyToday
OnlyToday, a band recently formed by five talented high school students, has slowly gained popularity at Middle College High School.

Music is a huge part of life; it can be found everywhere. In one way or another, everyone loves and enjoys music. It means something different to everyone; some people love it to the point they create their own music. This can vary from learning to sing or play an instrument, joining a choir or even making your own band.

Creating and releasing original music takes a lot of courage and perseverance. Many of those who aspire to become a part of a band are reluctant due to different fears and worries they might have. Luckily, some overcome this dilemma and can reach their goals gradually while having fun with what they are working towards.

OnlyToday, a band, was recently formed by a group of talented high school juniors who all have a passion for music and took the initiative to teach themselves how to do what they do. The band comprises five high schoolers: Bryana Peralta, Hugo Cota, Diesel Tirado, Jacob Portillo and Daniel Castro. Each member contributes differently to the band; Peralta would be considered the main vocalist, Cota plays the drums, Tirado is the background guitarist, Portillo plays bass and Castro is the lead guitarist.

All members have known each other since elementary school but most lost contact until the idea of forming a band came in late February. In a way, music has brought old friendships together again.

The idea of forming a band came from Castro; he would discuss his idea with Portillo, his best friend. Once Castro couldn’t find a bassist, Portillo started to teach himself how to play bass for the band to be complete.

“I have no idea where the thought [to start a band] came from, maybe it’s because Daniel has been obsessed with [that idea] since he’s picked up a guitar, and I just went with it,” Portillo said.

Castro uses a lot of his free time learning and practicing songs, mainly from his favorite artists and bands such as Pierce the Veil, The Cure, Radiohead, Alex G and more. Listening to their music was a huge inspiration to start creating his own music.

“I listen to a lot of music, some of these sounds I really like. [So I thought] ‘what if I made some sounds like these and put them together,’” Castro said when explaining where his inspiration came from.

Before the group came together, Castro had already begun working on a song of his own. The song came from the experience of seeing his friend’s dog pass away. He felt very connected with the dog and decided to write a song on it.

Castro started by creating lyrics and then made a riff for the song, Portillo was helping him out. “I thought it would be nice for someone to sing over it,” Castro said. This is where Tirado came in, the first recording of the song was sung by him, and he was also working closely with Castro on the music. After listening back to the song, they realized the song needed to be sung differently and Tirado was given the role of background guitarist.

Then, Peralta got a message from Castro, wondering why he contacted her after years.

“I was a little surprised because I haven’t talked to him in a long while and now he’s asking me to sing a song,” Peralta said.

Since middle school, she has been performing in front of her school. Now, she continues to perform for Middle College’s club, Musicians Unite.

Peralta agreed, and they met up in person to begin recording. After the first recording, Peralta included Cota in the process; she had asked him for advice and constructive criticism. His input was what helped get the song to its best, and now, the band had its drummer.

All members of OnlyToday felt that they somehow always knew they would end up doing something like this, either being in a band or participating in something that allows them to use their musical ability.

Together, they were able to complete and release their first song, “Luna.”

The process for writing “Luna” was a stressful and fun one, taking around three weeks until it was ready. Nonetheless, all members had fun and were grateful for the opportunity. As of right now, the band has two songs released, their most recent one, “Cursed Technique,” was made by Castro as a way to see what he can do.

The band hopes to continue making music together and aspires to become more recognized by their community. Although they don’t know what the future holds for them, they can continue living by the day and creating more of what they love.

OnlyToday represents only one of the many small bands created by people who loved music and had the courage to put themselves out there. The band encourages others with similar goals to pursue what they enjoy and ignore the fear of judgment or rejection; “Someone is bound to like it, it’s even better if even a few people like it because then it’s like a ‘special’ group,” said Castro.

“If that’s what your heart desires, follow your heart,”

— Bryana Peralta







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