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Gender issues in sports

Guadalupe Brito (created with Canva)
Male players dominate sports; soccer is one of many.

When we think of co-ed sports teams, we often think about male and female players. Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) would agree with this. However, during matches, there aren’t many female players and when they are present, they are often sidelined.

SAUSD is supposed to care for all students and make them feel included. For this very reason, they have attempted to create opportunities for both genders.

History teacher and sports instructor, Rafael Ramos, is actively associated with sports.

When asked the reason why girls participate less, he had two main reasons.

“I think part of it is we don’t make an effort to explain and, as a society, we don’t promote co-ed sports,” he said.

Ramos believes that our society has an impact on how girls approach sports, they do not encourage girls to participate.

“For the flag football team, I don’t make an effort to encourage girls,” Ramos said.

Following this, he acknowledges that skill level varies between players. He clarifies that he does not believe that girls are less skilled, but generally, boys are the ones playing with their friends outside of school.

Caroline Triplett is the Physical Education teacher at Middle College High School.

“I think there are lots of opportunities for both male and females, especially at the young sports level,” she said.

Triplett states this since she was involved in many sports as a child, such as gymnastics, soccer, and basketball.

“Once it gets to the professional level, I would say it’s more dominated by males. Team owners spend more money marketing the male sports teams,” Triplett said.

This adds to the idea that our society is one of the main reasons that girls are less motivated to pursue sports.

“I think it would be great if there were more girls interested in playing in a sports team, I think it’s nice for them to advocate for themselves,” she said.
Advocating for oneself is insufficient without the support of others, such as the student body or social media.

“During PE, I try to be supportive and encouraging,” Triplett said.


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