Preparing the incoming seniors: A survival guide


A warm welcome for the incoming seniors!

As we’re preparing ourselves for the end of the year, you probably feel a weight off of your shoulders. However, this is only the beginning. Get ready for college applications, the additional stress that you thought would be over, scholarships, prom, and the last moments with your peers. What lies before you might seem daunting, but trust me, you’re going to be fine.

First things first, senior year is a very important year for you. It’s the year filled with stress and even more responsibility. You’re going to start applying for the colleges of your choice and trying to make sure that you add the best of your overall work here at Middle College into your senior portfolios. It is really important to keep track of all the awards and accomplishments to add to your portfolio.

Time management is, and always has been, a big factor for your academic success as you’ve heard throughout your high school career. Even if you haven’t applied this before, it’s extremely important to instill this into your daily life and manage your time wisely. It’s very crucial! Buy your own planner that you can use to write down important dates. It will help you keep yourself up to date, especially with due dates this will help you keep yourself organized. I would also suggest that you try to start on all of your assignments when assigned rather than later because this can and will motivate you to finish what was already started.

Money! Senior year is the most expensive year in high school. I highly suggest buying the senior package because it covers the yearbook, cap and gown, class shirts, senior picnic, and yearbook/graduation photos. Apart from the senior package there is Grad Nite, and prom.
Prom might be super stressful for some, but I’m here to tell you that it shouldn’t be. Yes, prom is the last dance for seniors, but it should not make you stress out financially. Stressing out about money or just wanting to have your own money might lead you to start looking for a job and working. To this I say that make sure you have all of your classes and grades in order first. It’s all about time management and making sure you have your priorities in check.

Seniors, this is your last year and because of this you are the role models and whom everyone else will look up to. Have fun and don’t let the pressure get to you. This is the beginning of a new chapter and the final chapter of your high school experience.