Was the KSI V. Logan Paul fight real?

Image courtesy of KSI instagram


Image courtesy of KSI instagram

We’ve all witnessed drama between internet celebrities, but it would seem as though YouTube sensations Logan Paul and KSI have taken their feud to the next level by having an official boxing match between each other. The fight took place on August 25 in the Manchester Arena in England, attracting audiences all around the world. There was a lot hype for the fight, but none of it lived up to fan’s expectations. Fans simply didn’t appreciate the outcome of the fight, which was a draw, and some claimed the fight to be a scam.

When the fight was officially announced in February, both celebrities’ fan bases were shocked to discover that this match was actually happening. There was an overwhelming amount of hype that raised fans’ expectations for the fight. Predictions were being made almost instantly, but the fight in general had an equal amount of people rooting for their favorite YouTuber on both sides. Eventually, the fight came, but most of the excitement that the fans had prior to the fight had died as soon as it was over. After the fight ended, people began to speculate and rant about the match that finished with no winner.

Fans went as far as to say that it was rigged, claiming that it had been planned to be a tie. This would lead to a rematch which would be another chance to get more money out of people. Others just couldn’t believe that there was a tie after such a huge build up. Senior Selina Saleh was excited for the huge fight, thinking it was about a real beef between the two YouTube stars, but was disappointed with the ending. Saleh said, “Everything for the fans changed. We felt played and scammed. First it felt like they actually hated each other, but now it feels like they just did it for the money.” Although feeling robbed, Saleh continues to be a fan of Logan and is considering watching the rematch.

One of KSI’s fans, senior Nick Rodriguez, was also disappointed with the ending but says he’ll still watch the rematch. Rodriguez said, “I know this time is going to be pound for pound…I trust the hype for the rematch. As long as there’s blows being thrown I believe it’ll be worth it.” Despite the outcome of this fight, people are still willing to watch the next fight even though they were let down. Several fans believe that the next match will have a winner, which is why they want to watch it.

Many other people didn’t really care for the fight, one of those people being senior Jonathan Vargas. “I felt that the buildup to the fight was kind of childish with them throwing insults like children. For example there is a clip of Logan leaving an interview because he was offended. Also the fight itself ended in a draw which I feel shows that the fight was just for the money that it would bring the two YouTubers.”

Ultimately, this fight will remain memorable across the internet. Both sides have shared their opinions on the fight, but one thing that remains on people’s minds is the possibility that the fight may have been rigged. Knowing how much profit would be made from the first fight, it would only benefit both YouTube celebrities to prepare for a second fight in order to gain more; they would also gain more exposure and supporters for their YouTube channels respectively. This theory is to remain unconfirmed by anyone at this point, but perhaps the next fight in February of next year could provide some answers.