Advanced Drama prepares for their biggest Production yet

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One drama teacher, one student director, 21 cast members, and four acts are what make up this year’s fall production. The advanced drama class is working hard within the four walls of Cassandra Silverstein’s room to bring “The Crucible” to life.

The cast members are excited to see their efforts bear fruit to a great production. Nervousness is something many people feel when performing, but senior Christy Orduño, who plays Rebecca Nurse, hopes people look past that. Orduño said, “Whatever happens when we perform you (the audience) should appreciate the work.” Orduño also coordinates Sewing Circle Club where students have been making the costumes for the show.

In preparation for the production, both main and minor actors have to learn to represent their characters. They try very hard to learn their lines and bring emotion to the play. Senior Bryan Rodriguez, who plays the protagonist John Proctor, said, “Learning new lines is a little hard. I read a line over and over. For delivering emotion, I think about what the character is feeling and try to embody that.” It sounds easy, but the actors place a lot of time into memorizing their lines any chance they get, whether it is at home, school or the most random places.

Silverstein said their effort is what got the class to do a production this big, “I wouldn’t have gone with it [the production] if they (her students) weren’t 110%.” Silverstein also mentioned that she has a student director helping her, which she did not have in previous shows. She said, “It’s easier for me to retain my composure (with his help).”

Drama’s production, “The Crucible,” is about the accusations of witchcraft brought upon the townspeople of Salem, Massachusetts, that lead to the unjust Salem witch trials. Senior Walter Uriostegui said, “(The play shows) how easy it is to give in to what people say, so be skeptical.”

As their performance got closer, everyone worked hard, even when things were not going as planned. Silverstein was confident in her students and knew the show would turn out fine, “I don’t know how we’ll get there, but I know we are gonna get there.”