Party this holiday season with these glamorous outfits

Get in touch with your glamorous side with this outfit. Start out with some blue jeans and a white, long-sleeved shirt. Pointy-toe ankle boots are always in and can be matched with any clothing, especially if solid colored. Add some glam to the outfit with a creamy-colored faux fur jacket.

Bring back the cheetah print pants with this wild outfit. Long-sleeved shirts with low cut lace-ups are always in during the fall and winter season so pair them up with print pants. Add some combat boots and a leather beret.

Layer up with this outfit. Start by layering a black polo shirt on top of a long sleeved shirt; add some style with some patterns. Wear some black jeans with some white shoes to truly stand out. Let the final layer be a jean jacket. Thin zipper jean jackets are totally in this season.