Owner of the New England Patriots accused of soliciting prostitution


Courtesy of Creative Commons

Robert Kraft greeting Secretary John Kerry and Coach Bill Belichick at the White House Super Bowl Celebration.

It is no surprise that the New England Patriots have won the 2019 Super Bowl. 2019 marks the year in which the Patriots played their 10th AFC championship in a row. The Patriots beat the Rams by a whooping 13-3 points. This win has tied the Patriots and the Steelers for the most Super Bowl wins. Given all the new attention to the team, it was to everyone’s surprise when Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, was accused of soliciting prostitution.

Celebrities are exposed to the public’s attention with every little thing they do. Kraft has been accused of soliciting prostitution services in a Florida massage parlor, twice, back in January. Kraft’s accusations have been the headline of most news sources across the nation, which begs the question: Why is Kraft receiving all the negative connotation for soliciting prostitution services when many other men were caught as well?

Over 150 men, including Robert Kraft, were pulled from the inside spas from Palm Beach County over in Florida. These chains of spas were found to be filled with Chinese immigrant women. The public immediately thought they were bait of human trafficking.

“Police say the spas were fronts for prostitution, that the workers there were victims of sex trafficking, and that their six-month long investigation was time well spent,” said Elizabeth Nolan Brown in a article in which she exposes that the spas have been under investigation for about six months now due to the assumption of prostitution services being offered. However, comments were found on the review page for the spas from clients speaking “in slang terms as a provider of sexual services.”

In “Details in Spa Sex, Human Trafficking Released; Neighbor Says Case ‘like a Movie’” by Greenle Will, it states, “Police keep calling the women that worked at Orchids of Asia and the other spas that were part of the sting ‘trafficking victims.’ But most have declined to cooperate with police as such.”

The women found in the spas have refused to speak with the authorities and do not claim to have been victims of “human trafficking.” A 58 year old woman, Hua Zhang, was one of the many captured at the spa. According to police, she was the owner of the spa and is being charged for maintaining a prostitution institution and engaging in sexual work herself.

This brings us back to the topic: Why is Robert Kraft receiving all the negative attention when hundreds of people were involved? Senior Abril Perez states, “I think prostitution is okay to be legal because a lot of the time women who go into prostitution do it for their choice, like these women. It’s their consent. Famous people know they are at risk so they know when they go out and do certain stuff, it might be judged by people.” Kraft being the public figure he is should’ve thought about the consequences before soliciting prostitution services.

Senior Nicolas Rodriguez states, “Robert Kraft is getting all the attention, but he has the money to get out of the problem. They will probably suspend him for a couple games and ban him for some games, but it won’t make a change because the patriots are a dynasty.” As Rodriguez states, Kraft, the team, and the NFL are receiving negative reactions, but their connections and wealth might just get them out of the problem. Fans, media, and people in charge of the team are all in shock of the issue. However, all that is left is to wait and see what the justice system will do to Kraft.