The Masked Singer: Review


Rebecca Guerrero

“The Masked Singer” was a fun show because of all the amazing masks. Here’s a collection of masquerades similar to the ones on the show.

On February 28, 2019, the first season to the Fox show “The Masked Singer” came to an end. Throughout the show, the emotional and hilarious moments and performances made it a blast to watch. It all began in late 2018 when the commercial for it first aired and had the host, Nick Cannon, saying, “Under these masks are Grammy winners, Emmy winners, and Hall of Fame players.”

“The Masked Singer” is actually based on a South Korean show called “The King of Mask Singers,” which followed a similar format. Like its South Korean counterpart, the contestants wear costumes and a mask. Unlike their counterparts, however, their outfits were amazing, over the top, and covered most of their physical traits and their entire head, making it hard for some of them to even see out of and move at times. The contestants of this show had to perform against each other in these costumes, making it that much harder for them as well. After each battle between two singers, a winner and loser are chosen by a vote from the audience and the judges: Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke. While the winner is safe to sing again, the loser is at risk for being the singer with the least votes and being unmasked. This show began with 12 contestants who were split up into two groups of six between the first and second episode. Since the contestants’ names weren’t allowed to be said while their masks were on, they were named after what their costume looked like. Thus began the new lives of these hidden singers with new personas, amazing singing, and funny actions.

So, in comes the Monster to battle out against the Peacock.

Over the course of the season, we were able to speculate along with the judges and find out who the singers behind the masks were, one by one. The first unmasking, as it was referred to, was the Hippo who turned out to be the NFL superstar wide receiver, Antonio Brown. We also got to hear why the contestant decided to go on the show and why he chose their costume. Brown said, “This was an awesome experience, amazing opportunity. It was a challenge being able to learn the song real fast, and perform it.”  

After the first rounds, the show just escalated from there with each performance getting bigger, better, and more emotional. In the end, the last mask standing was given to the most unexpected singer who showed the most emotional performance in the series. Nicole Scherzinger even said, “Your voice just cut through your soul, your spirit, your heart. And it’s one of my favorite moments we’ve had on this show. And thank you for that honest, beautiful performance.”

In the end, The Masked Singer was a crazy, insane, wonderful show filled with Lions, Rabbits, Peacocks, Monsters, Pineapples, Aliens, and many other insanely creative and weird characters. Thanks to the success the show’s first season had, Fox, has already confirmed that is renewed for a second season. So please watch this amazing show, but know that if you do watch it that, as said perfectly by Ken Jeong, “This show is messing with my mind.”