Letter from the Editor: Mandated vaccinations for all


Alejandro Cervantes

What if I told you there was a way you can protect yourself from hundreds of deadly diseases? Wouldn’t you do anything to make sure that you were protected from them? Well, the answer is vaccines. Therefore, shouldn’t it be mandated for all members of society to be vaccinated against certain diseases?

In life, people tend to surround themselves with information they agree with. Whether it be your explore page on Instagram, the new station you watch, or your recommended section on YouTube. This can be considered confirmation bias as you’re surrounding yourselves with information that is consistent to your beliefs. Because of confirmation bias, there are those who believe that children should not be vaccinated because of preconceived notion that vaccines are dangerous. 

As a brand new parent, Mr. You was asked his opinion on newborns getting vaccinated. He said, “As new parents we were definitely worried about taking her out outside before she had any vaccines, because we wanted to make sure she at least had some protections, but I am definitely a believer in vaccines and the science behind them.” Mr. You knows the importance behind the vaccines not only from the standpoint that they protect only one person, but of how beneficial they are in protecting society in general. 

Mr. You was asked whether vaccines should be mandated. He said, “In society, people definitely need to have a shared immunity when it comes to certain diseases that can and should be vaccinated for.” This is because of the way that vaccines work. They work by protecting the people that are immunized therefore limiting how quickly the said disease is able to spread. 

Vaccines get a bad rap because of all the misconceptions surrounding this life-saving medication. There was never any concrete evidence linking vaccines to autism. The truth is that vaccines are and should be thought of like any other type of medication where yes there is a small possibility for certain people to experience side effects yet the far greater likelihood is that the medication (vaccines) will save thousands of lives.