A bond of happiness; The bond between pets and people


Maria Alegria

Many pets and their beloved owners have an unconditional bond.

You’ve just arrived home, and you’re greeted by your furry companion bursting with joy. The connection between you and your pet is immense. What is the reason for this unbreakable bond?

When you are around your pets you feel different. You feel as if your worries were to vanish and you become calm.

“I feel they help with all our problems as they disappear somewhat when you’re around them,” said sophomore Jesse Camacho. When you are with your pets, your main focus becomes them despite your concerns. Camacho also mentions how relaxed he feels alongside his pet. “When I’m with my pet dog, Foxy, I feel really happy and relaxed as if the judgement of the world is literally gone,” Camacho said. Alongside your pets you tend to be at peace and your mind at rest. 

Your pets also play an important role in your mental health. You feel less alone, less stressed, and less anxious when you are with your pets. According to helpguide.org, “People with pets have lower blood pressure in stressful situations than those without pets.” When you are full of emotions, your blood pressure rises. However, with a pet you are able to maintain a low blood pressure.

“It is always a good thing to have company,” said Betzabeth Lopez, a veterinarian and pet rehabilitator. “There is a family who has struggled with the sadness of an ill family member. And they were gifted a dog. The dog helps the family not only with providing company, but by also brightening their day,” Lopez said. The fact that the family now had someone who brought them joy is very helpful as they go through this tough time. The dog helps the family become more optimistic because they have someone who depends on them which gives them strength. 

The companionship your pets also offer is unconditional and is the main reason you have them at all. “The most common reason for owning a dog in the Western world is companionship,” according to sciencedirect.com. You like the feeling of having someone who will depend on you and you can depend on them. 

“I think she helps me whenever I just don’t feel good because she’s always there,” said Camacho. Sometimes you tend to seek support and you can always count on your pets. They have always been there in your jumps of joy and cries of sadness. You can always seek a loyal companion in your pets. 

“I think having a pet is like having a child that doesn’t talk and has less needs and honestly they are such amazing creatures,” said Camacho.