Just a sip

Mr. You visits his friends at 7-ll on his daily trip for coffee.

Sharon Shrestha

Mr. You visits his friends at 7-ll on his daily trip for coffee.

When you think of the word addiction, the first thing that pops up in your head is probably a crackhead, right? But the truth is that you can be addicted to anything: video games, eating, drugs, sex, shopping, spending, or gambling. Caffeine may seem harmless but that’s because we’re so used to it being everywhere: our coffee, energy drinks, chocolate, soda, and tea. It’s just normalized now.

85.6% of MCHS students who took the survey consume caffeine and reported that it makes them feel energized, awake, alert, happy, jittery, complete or hyper.

Other students have said that it makes them feel tired, not hungry, sleepy, lazy, or horrible.

Caffeine causes different symptoms for everyone, so it makes sense that some people benefit from it while others don’t.

If you know Mr. You, chemistry teacher, then you probably know what’s in his huge thermos:  coffee! “It gets me jump started for the day and it keeps me going for my day you know. And that’s probably why I drink way more than I should,” said Mr. You with laughter. 

When asked about the amount of coffee he drinks a day, he said, “WAY TOO MUCH!  I would say maybe I drink about, on a weekday, about 3-4 cups. On a weekend I go crazy. Actually, I’d say it’s pretty consistent.”The maximum is 3-4 cups for adults and Mr. You is on that border. His energy does make class more fun especially since he makes us laugh. 

“If I saw bad effects from it, then I’d probably try to cut down or try to cut it out, but I feel okay about it,” said Mr. You.

Over time, our body becomes resistant to the amount of caffeine we consume, so you end up having to take more and more. Luckily, most students haven’t gotten to that point yet.

“I would hope they wouldn’t over consume just because I know you guys are busy, you gotta be alert and all that. If I were to suggest to high school students, I would try not to drink more than a cup if you can or two. So that means that hopefully, physically, you don’t need it as much because you’re trying your best to get enough sleep. But I know Middle College students have so much on their plates there’s only so many hours in a day you know,” said Mr.You.

As MCHS students, we do have to deal with a lot and sometimes we have to stay up late to study for exams or finish homework. Sometimes we just need that extra burst of energy to keep us going. Mr.You’s last thoughts on caffeine: “I think overall coffee itself is a really good thing. Whether you need it for caffeine or not.”