New Santa Ana tax causes hassles in SAC student store


Daniel Salazar

Sophomore Stephanie Cervantes makes a purchase of Bubly water for $1.01.

A recent Santa Ana bill effective as of March 29, 2019, has increased the sales tax to 1.5% and will be in effect for the next 10 years. In connection to this, the student store at SAC has raised pricing on certain items to accommodate this change. Prices that were changed leaves students with unwanted pennies for change. 

“I sometimes find it annoying,” said Robin Huerta, an employee at the student store. She said that sorting the change from the uneven tax raises can be a hassle sometimes. She also added that the uneven prices get annoying when the customer is only a penny short on the price.

This new tax has lead to situations where people may not have enough change by a few cents. When asked if it made her job harder, Huerta said that despite the loose change, “It’s the same. It’s still sorting like any other change.”

Regarding the matter, sophomore Leonel Funes said, “I find it a bit troubling when buying those items because it takes more time than it would have if there was no change.”

Students like Funes who are regular customers at the student store can attest to the fact that purchasing certain items leads to a longer waiting time, which increased considerably.

Sophomore Miguel Cruz commented, “Yeah, I find that tax annoying. I sometimes want to buy a can of soda for a dollar, but it ends up costing a dollar and two cents.” 

Cruz found that he spends more of his money with the new tax leaving him with pennies and dimes he doesn’t want to use. To these students, not only does the tax increase prices, but it’s also an inconvenience and a waste of time.

“No taxation without representation,” said Cruz.