Tales of the Paranormal

Podcast Transcript


I’m sure most of us can recall having an experience that we can’t quite explain. A flickering light. A bump in the night. Your mind creates every scenario possible to explain the inexplicable. Was it the wind? The door? Perhaps it was the neighbor’s cat? You don’t believe in ghosts, but you’re certain something just isn’t right.

Paranormal activity is scientifically unexplainable. It is an activity or phenomenon beyond anything we know. There are, however, many theories to explain the many documented experiences that people around the world have told for centuries.



CHAVIRA: Sophomore Ali shared his experience with “silhouettes” that stalked him at a young age
ALI: My name’s Ali and I’m in tenth grade.
CHAVIRA: Ali says he’d see figures, but wouldn’t necessarily call them ghosts.
ALI: Basically at a certain place I would see shadows sorta like figures but I wouldn’t really call them ghosts.
CHAVIRA: He was young at the time and interestingly enough he’d only see these figures at home.
ALI: This was when I was pretty young I’d say, early elementary school but the only time I’d see these figures, as I call them, was when I was at home.
CHAVIRA: Question is- was someone else there?
ALI: I was usually alone when this happened.
CHAVIRA: As for things he’d hear…
ALI: Usually not. It was just um- just the figures. They didn’t really say anything, they didn’t really move much either, but sometimes there was a little bit of movement.
CHAVIRA: Fear was expected – but Ali didn’t seem to mind.
ALI: Emotionally um- when I first noticed it, it was kinda strange but, as time went on I noticed that they didn’t really even have any contact with me. They were kinda just stalking in a sense so it didn’t really make me sad or scared too much, and as time went on, I kinda got comfortable with it.
CHAVIRA: But what did these silhouettes look like if Ali wasn’t scared?
ALI: So, It was kinda like a silhouette I’d say. That’s kinda how I’ve described them over the years except, – yea it was like a silhouette. There were no like facial features or anything like that it’s kinda like how you, when you close your eyes it’s kinda like a mush of different things. I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s kinda like that into a silhouette so it wasn’t pitch black, but it was basically a silhouette.
CHAVIRA: Ali describes what he’s seen since then.
ALI: So these figures that I saw it was usually like maybe a year I think it lasted for about a year. I don’t really see them anymore that often so I guess it’s gone down and about a year after this stopped I kinda like -I had one paranormal activity thing happen where it was basically that I kinda heard a voice that was calling to me but that’s about it.
CHAVIRA: There was no interaction between Ali and these silhouettes.
ALI: It hasn’t really affected me to be honest because they never had any interaction with me as I said earlier. They kinda just stalked so that’s kinda cool.
CHAVIRA: While many of us would be scared, Ali found comfort in them instead.
ALI:It kinda does because I know that this is something that I have experienced alone and the fact that they kind of only stalked me and never hurt me was kinda- it was comfortable feeling kinda like I had someone there for me especially because when I was young- I was an immigrant at the time and I didn’t really have too many people.



JAZMIN CHAVIRA, HOST: Sophomore Miguel Cruz shared his eerie temperature dropping experience.

MIGUEL CRUZ, INTERVIEWEE: Alright so the story is that um one day I was just in the living room with my siblings and what ended up happening is we saw something in my brother’s room. It was moreover like a shadow. Uh we were just in our living room we were just all watching TV. My brother he was handling something in the kitchen.

CHAVIRA: Miguel was not expecting to see an unexplainable shadow.

CRUZ: I was with my two brothers and my older sister and my niece who wasn’t in the room with us at the moment. Uh we didn’t really, well I didn’t really experience any outside factors. It was more over like what I saw. Uh as for what I felt physically, I just felt like a slight temperature drop and it got cold out of a sudden. Emotionally I didn’t really feel anything. I was just kind of surprised as to what I saw.

CHAVIRA: He didn’t know what was going on, but he knew something was up.

CRUZ: What we saw was like a small shadow kind of like around the same height as my niece who was just running around in the room.

CHAVIRA: Could it have been his niece or a ghost?

CRUZ: I experience paranormal experiences every now and then, not too big to the point where I can’t sleep at night but just small and subtle. Uh it didn’t really affect me too much as I said it was just surprising. It didn’t really hold any significance to me it was like I said surprising. It was just something that I couldn’t really explain or put my head around.

CHAVIRA: To this day, Miguel has paranormal experiences but he doesn’t let it get to him. He made the choice not to think anything of it.



GIL LOPEZ, INTERVIEWEE: My story is that I saw a ghost in the middle of the night. It took place when I was like around 8, where it took place was like in my aunt’s house. I went to go for a sleepover. I was with nobody at the time. I was sleeping in my cousin’s bedroom and he slept on the sofa. Some outside factors you can hear cars passing by but nothing out of the ordinary but what I felt was that it got really cold. As soon as I woke up so I felt like turning on the heater or like went to go get some water. And I didn’t feel anything emotionally I just- I felt really tired and thirsty, really really thirsty but also really cold. As soon as I started to get out of the bedroom and started walking towards the hallway, it’s a long hallway to get to the kitchen. And as I started walking I started seeing a figure of a girl like right in front of me, and then I don’t know I just stood there for a whole minute just staring at the shadow, and then I just went back inside the bedroom to like go back to sleep

CHAVIRA: Gil describes the ghost that he encountered while at his aunt’s house.

LOPEZ: I haven’t- That’s like the only paranormal experience I’ve ever had. It hasn’t necessarily affected me in any way. As like, every time I look back at it, I always think that what would’ve happened if I talked to it or even like get close to it. It doesn’t necessarily have any significance to me.



EZEKIEL: So uh when- obviously it was at night it like was maybe midnight, one o’clock at night- in the morning. But this took place in my room when I was just chilling out on my eh- on my Ipad, just a tablet.

JAZMIN CHAVIRA, HOST: Ezekiel describes what happened around him.

EZEKIEL WALKER: Uh, there was a very low-pitched growling.
Uh, physically my bed was shaking.

CHAVIRA: Sophmore Ezekial shares his experience talking with the unknown and seeing shadow figures throughout his childhood he formally known.

WALKER: I know that when I was a lot younger before my memory, my mom told me that I would talk to random things, just out of nowhere. And even when I was younger out of the corners of my eyes I would always see like these shadows that were moving and I would always turn my head to look at them and there was nothing there. But this stopped when we moved houses, so it might’ve just been the house itself.

CHAVIRA: He talks about how these experiences have affected him

WALKER: Um, honestly, it really affected me because it just boosted my belief in the paranormal and you know outside forces that we don’t really know and can’t understand very well. This is gonna be kinda controversial to some people, but it does have significance to me where I’m not so mainstream religious anymore and that I have kinda Wiccan beliefs where I use tarot cards and stuff like that.


JAZMIN CHAVIRA: Because paranormal activities aren’t defined, people often put aside their experience, but today these Middle College students were brave enough to share their stories.