Racist posters shock SAUSD community again


Genesis Serratos

Senior Karla de la Peña expresses her opinion and story about the Segerstrom vs. Marina Highschool football game.

It happened again…

October 25–

It was a Friday night: bright lights, loud voices, and people gripped to the edge of their seats.

The high pitched sound of the referee’s whistle rang through the air: The game between Segerstrom and Marina High had officially started. Families and friends had gathered to watch their weekly football game and support their teams. 

Then they saw the signs.

“Segerstrom’s favorite color is brown”

“Segerstrom wears socks with sandals”


On the night of October 25, after the game, Marina High posted on their Instagram to celebrate their victory but continuously deleted comments regarding the posters that were publicized. Senior Karla de la Peña, a Godinez student, took it upon herself to comment about the fact that Marina High was deleting their comments instead of “holding themselves accountable for their arrogance and racist actions.” De la Peña didn’t personally attend the game but found out what had occurred at the Segerstrom vs. Marina High football game via social media. Because of De La Peña’s remark, she was attacked with some very negative feedback from anonymous accounts. 

Genesis Serratos

The events that unfolded at this game are nothing new. Occurrences like this have repeatedly happened in the past and will continue to happen if nothing is done. Last year, on September 7, 2018 Santa Ana High School played against Aliso Niguel’s football team on their field. Individuals on Aliso Niguel’s side began screaming “Build a Wall,”and chanting “USA!” as if Santa Ana High School didn’t belong in this country. This year Santa Ana High and Aliso Niguel played once again for the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) on Santa Ana’s field. This is what Principal Bishop had to say over these events.

Genesis Serratos

So what’s going to happen now? Are we just going to sit idly by while these injustices continue to threaten the foundation of our community, or are we going to do something about it?

As Principal Bishop mentioned; 

“We have a voice too.”