It’s a bird…It’s a plane… No it’s fierce queens!


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Hair, makeup. confidence. This fierce queen is ready to give it her all.

They’re known for being dramatic, wearing high heels, makeup, wigs, and fake breasts?!?

That’s right. I partially described a drag queen. 

There’s more to them than what I listed above, along with some misconceptions. 

Drag queens are typically males who dress themselves in an exaggerated feminine way for entertainment. Some make a living out of it while others make it their hobby. Those who do make a living out of it usually work at  bars or compete in drag races, which is what the competition is called. 

One of the most well known shows where these competitions are held is “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” available on Here, queens overcome challenges to win the $100,000 prize. From walking the runway, posing for photoshoots, creating glamorous outfits, to lip-sync battles, these fierce queens fight to the top with one being eliminated each episode.

It’s entertaining watching these episodes from the manner in which the queens talk trash to each other, to the resulting reaction of this. Iconic phrases like, “Get a Grip, Get a Life and Get Over it!” are created from such episodes. 

When asked to describe a drag queen, senior Nayeli Playas, responded that they’re “basically a person who does excessive makeup, hair, and dresses up.” 

Yes, that’s correct and it does add up, in terms of money; it’s expensive doing drag as they have to invest in their looks. 

One misconception many have is that all drag queens are gay. But that’s not always the case. 

When asked about drag queens’ sexual orientation, senior Janet Landa said, “I think they’re a mix.” 

Playas added, “I think they can be any.” 

Although some queens may be gay, others can be completely straight or bisexual. 

Anyone can participate in drag. There are few females and transgenders who love to dress up. Mainly males dominate the world of drag. 

Senior Karen Alegria said, “I know there are gay people who like to dress in drag sometimes. There is not one group of specific people who like to dress up.” 

Drag queens deserve to be respected for expressing themselves through their fashion and not shamed, but sometimes that’s not the case.

“I know a lot of them like to perform at bars or sometimes make videos of themselves dressing up like one and they might get bad comments if they upload it, or even if they’re walking down the street, they might get yelled at because people just assume,” says Alegria. 

Junior Steven Garrido stated, “I think they get negative feedback from the homophobic community.”

All in all, drag is iconic and a good way to express yourself through dramatic makeup, clothes, and persona.