Court Session: Trump’s impeachment case unravels


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President Donald J. Trump was acquitted of charges of impeachment.

If you live in the United States, it’s likely you’ve heard of our nation’s current president Donald J. Trump. Protest after protest, the nation has been divided over the right and wrong of this new president in power. Since December 10, 2019, Trump is the third president out of 45 to have reached an impeachment trial. The Middle College community shares its opinion on this matter.

An anonymous Middle College student commented when asked if he believed Trump deserves to be impeached.

“No I do not because I thought that he has been doing a great job as a president,” he said.

When sophomore Leonel Funes was asked if he knew what Trump was accused of he stated, “Abuse of power and another one I forgot of.”

According to CNBC, “President Donald Trump was impeached on two specific articles — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.”

Other sources provide more insight into why this happened. According to the BBC the reason for his impeachment came to be after being “accused of pressuring Ukraine to dig up damaging information on one of his main Democratic challengers for the presidency in 2020, Joe Biden, and his son Hunter,” in a phone call. In that same phone call he was also seen as bargaining with Ukraine in the form of “withholding $400m of military aid to Ukraine” and “a White House meeting for Ukraine’s president.”

Middle College students and teachers gave their insights on the timing of the impeachment.

“I believe that there was no point in the impeachment, especially because there was only one more year in his presidency. Instead of focusing on bigger issues, [The House of Representatives] was looking at the wrong problems,” said the anonymous student.

Middle College sophomore Joel Escobar stated, “It kind of sucks, he could get re-elected on the next term.”

Marisa Wilkerson, a Middle College AVID tutor, gave her opinion on their timing of this case
“[Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi] did a good job. She did it at a time when people would agree with her, when the crime was the worst. The house felt that the bribery was too blatant to ignore.”

As of today, the Senate acquitted Trump.

Sophomore Jesse Camacho said, “It doesn’t really matter, his presidency is almost over.”