Smartphones continue to make their path into our lives

Phones can be taken anywhere ready for people to connect with each other.

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Phones can be taken anywhere ready for people to connect with each other.

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Ever since the release of the first smartphone in 2007, the world gazed at how a phone could pose such advanced features. With many new innovations appearing in phones every year, it’s as if phones have found a way to evolve like animals, except it’s geared towards trying to get the public’s attention to make profit out of their revolutionary devices.

In 2020, phones have significantly advanced to the point that they have become real life assistants. They can tell us the weather, the latest news, local traffic, and even turn our cars on without using a key. 

“Phones are evolving by getting more features, and becoming easier to use. I can easily go to settings and change the language to Spanish and now my grandma can look on the internet about celebrities or call my uncles,” stated sophomore Alexander Gomez. 

Phones are connecting to people we can’t access, such as seeing family from long distance or a friend from another house. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people were not allowed to go see each other in person due to restrictions to stop the spread of the virus. Many people who were quarantined in their homes had to resort to their phones to FaceTime their friends.

Since phones are evolving at a rapid rate, the companies that manufacture them such as Apple, Samsung, LG, and more need to get customers to buy them for profit. However, these companies need to get the public’s attention by having a large competition with each other. Most companies usually show off their products by publicizing ads in newspapers, television, or online ads, to show that their products are worth buying. 

Sophomore Helena Urquiza doesn’t believe that the smartphone industry has been as revolutionary as other people have made it out to be. 

Multiple phone companies are starting to use the same parts making phones really similar in quality.”

On the other hand, junior Joset Gonzalez believes that phones are innovative.

Phones have been evolving for a long time because now we have a device that can do everything we do in our daily lives by just pressing a button.”

Furthermore, since the early 2000’s, the price of smartphones has skyrocketed to insane prices. For example, the original iPhone price level was around $500. Nowadays, the average price for the best smartphones are nearly $1000 or more. For $500, you will likely get a phone that has cheaper software and materials. After all, most $1000 phones are made out of glass and metal and offer you the best of everything the manufacturer can offer.

In addition, the size, performance and battery of smartphones has greatly increased. If you haven’t noticed, the size of smartphones has greatly increased from fitting in your palm to being larger than your palm. In the 2010’s the original iPhone was around 4 inches in height. Today, its most recent successor, the 11 is now nearly twice the size of the original iPhone. With the larger size, that would also mean larger screens and battery for the phone. Many phones today have batteries so large that they can go nearly two days without needing to charge and screens so large that you can easily multitask without having to look closely.

Smartphones have evolved significantly since their introduction to the world. They have been connecting humanity to show us what is going on in the world without waiting for the news. We can see the weather and the latest developments in sports and fitness as well as being able to see our friends and family virtually.