How is online learning affecting little kids?


Juan Alvarado

A second grade elementary student attends an online Zoom class.

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Online learning is keeping students safe from the deadly virus roaming around, but it makes it more difficult for them to learn because they need more visual instruction than just looking at a computer all day.

To start off, all this online learning has had different effects on little kids. 

Some believe they don’t get a benefit out of it because they need more visual learning and one-on-one learning with a teacher.  

Diamond Elementary second grade teacher Mrs. Cuomo stated, “ Younger kids like K-5 are impacted more because they have more trouble paying attention in class and can get easily distracted at home.” 

The little ones have more energy compared to older students, which means that it is harder for them to stay sitting in front of a computer screen.

Cuomo also stated, “ There are many obstacles when it comes to online learning. One of the many is network connectivity because sometimes the students would connect, but there would be a technical issue where the students can’t see or hear me.”

The students have a hard time connecting with their class, and this is one of the reasons that prevent little kids from getting their learning done.

There are also some benefits to online learning. One of those is that teachers can learn about new online programs for the kids to use.

It also helps teachers that are new to technology get better at using it and finding out how things work.

Cuomo said, “ Ever since teaching switched to being online I learned about new programs that help the kids learn better. For example, when I found out about Nearpod, it has helped me plan out many lessons and I have seen it helps the kids more.” 

There are many ways to look at online learning. It has helped many people including teachers, but some of them still believe that elementary schools should be opened.

The mother of an elementary school student, Olga Zamora, said, “Some kids are not ready to be taught online because they require more help and have more energy. They can’t stay in front of a computer screen all day. They need to have some way to waste all that energy. I believe that it is a safer way but they need more visual learning.” 

Most parents agree that they want their kids to be safe and don’t want them getting sick. They also want their kids to get a good education but they can’t because of online learning. Both parents and teachers agree that schools should open up when it is guaranteed that it is safe enough for the students to be there.

Zamora said, “ If schools were to open up but it isn’t completely safe I would prefer my kid to stay at home and continue with online learning. Sure going to school would help them out more but I would prefer to wait until it is completely safe.”