The season has arrived for many to be careful with violence as the purple tier strikes back during a difficult time


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The future of pandemic holidays are at stake with the potential harm along the way.

On all Hallow’s Eve during a 2020 night, it seemed families would have been together with harmless spooks and sights. However, that was not the case in an upsetting turn of events where three teenagers were stabbed by an unknown suspect in Encino, California at 12:39 a.m. 

As many seasons come and go, especially in a pandemic year, the past events have been very unexpected and violence could still terrorize the next two major holidays.

According to reports being made by ABC7, one of the three teenagers were stabbed right in the chest. As a result of this action, the three teenagers were quickly rushed to the hospital under critical care past midnight on November 1.

It seems very shocking that an incident like this happened and under a lockdown no less. People would imagine others to take care of themselves in order to be isolated from those who potentially contain the COVID-19 disease. Throughout 2020, the coronavirus itself has been the cause of many fatal deaths. It also has caused more demises than shootings or any other act of arrest in a while for some.

However, even under a global pandemic, young teenagers and kids just want to relive the common socializing that was allowed prior to March of 2020. Many reports of family and friends socializing during the holidays have been nearly inescapable. Some of the most prime examples other than Halloween were Easter and 4th of July. 

Speaking of 4th of July, there was also a shooting that occurred the exact same month in Encino, California prior to the fall. Although this time, it was at the cost of a person’s life as ABC7 reports that the shooting was fatal. The suspect died in a hospital and the perpetrator was brought into custody. This information was mentioned and confirmed by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Suggestions about staying at home have been a more preferable choice that many adults and even other teenagers are willing to take despite no interactions. Sometimes, staying indoors no matter how big of a holiday or event is safer. Whether it is better or worse, it depends on the individual.

Senior Max Rodriguez, 17, feels that he has been safe during pandemic holidays. 

He said, “I have seen many of my neighbors distance themselves from others especially during things like the 4th of July where people go on the street to light fireworks. As for Halloween I believe we have been safe for the most part except for the occasional trick-or-treater coming by every so often.”

Rodriguez states reasons why many people his age are the suspects or targets of these crimes. 

“There was also the riot because of George Floyd’s death which had a big impact on the African-American community that I still feel like hasn’t settled down just yet,” he said.

Even though some people are quite content with the current situation, many are living in despite the virus, others beg to differ. Election Day only occurred a few weeks ago as Joe Biden was announced the next president in office and predicted a vaccine that 90% will be effective. 

With politics and major holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, protests and violence can definitely be a possibility especially with some cancelled Black Friday events.

Senior Steven Garrido, 17, stated, “I think there were about the same amount of violence. I live near enough to hear the sirens of my local hospital, and I hear them about the same amount of time since June.”

Garrido said, “indoor insanity” is a potential reason for people causing acts of violence during the global pandemic. He also is very aware of the danger that is bound to spread and stated, “I’m not sure if I would risk visiting a heavy traffic site just to be around people.”

As the way the world stands right now more than ever, holidays are something that everyone should be looking forward to spending time with their family and or friends. After all, people claim it to be “the most wonderful time of the year.” Although the best preferred choice by some is to avoid the potential harm that is bound to come, because 2021 can be just as unpredictable as 2020.