Eliminating misogyny will repair a hurtful divide between men and women


Elizabeth Correa

These comments are just some of the thousands of unfunny and disgusting remarks under an Instagram post made about women and Megan Thee Stallion.

In modern day society, there is no doubt that we are still divided by gender. One of the biggest factors that separates our society is the constant misogyny from social media, to even receiving misogynistic remarks from our own families. It is sad that as a community, we have gotten used to making ignorant comments regarding women in our daily lives. Teenagers do not consider the fact that gender should not define someone’s character. Just because someone is a woman, does not make them deserve less. Many people have of course fought against misogyny, however the number of people who belittle women is still astonishingly large. 

Almost everyone in our society has access to some sort of social media where they can keep up with the trends. On every social media platform, female artists have been looked down upon, especially in the rap industry. Hating on female artists has been so normalized that one can notice the many comments disregarding female success by just doing a small scroll through the comment section under posts. 

There are plenty of Twitter and Instagram accounts that are for the sole purpose of keeping up with trends in the music industry where posts are made almost everyday about the awards received or even just the drama of music stars. Under these posts about the stars, people are allowed to comment and form their own opinion. It is not hard to notice that the most popular gender in the comment sections are male. When there is a post about a female artist succeeding, the comments made about them usually have to do with the women’s appearance or how the women do not deserve the credit and praise they are receiving. However, when there is a post made about a male rapper, they are given more praise and less criticism. 

For example, Megan Thee Stallion, a female rapper, has had a history with plenty of hit songs. She also stated a gunshot wound was inflicted in her leg by a male rapper known as Tory Lanez. Lanez was charged with assault with a firearm and carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, but has denied the allegations. This has led to many disgusting comments made by males who think the situation is a joke. When Megan Thee Stallion won a Grammy there were plenty of ruthless and misogynistic comments made about her. These foul comments all written by males say, “Tory shoulda aimed higher,” “Tory should have finished the job,” “Marcus the horse you mean??”, “Feminists ruined the Grammys,” and “Don’t care plus she’s a woman.” All of these comments invalidate her achievements. Most importantly, all of these comments are unfunny. 

To get insight on this situation, sophomore Charlene Michel was asked a few questions. First in relation to the situation with social media, they were asked how they felt about these comments directed towards these talented women. 

They said, “It makes me feel annoyed because the rap industry is definitely dominated by men when it should not, these new women rappers have been on top of the charts and they are seen as a joke by male listeners,” they said.

Michel describes their discomfort in knowing that men are invalidating the fact that these women have been dominating the industry with their music. 

Another question asked was if Michel sees a pattern in the people making these comments.

“It’s mostly teenage males that see women/woman rappers as jokes, they think it’s funny to insult their appearance, the way they act, even at times how they sound, and it’s all to get other male attention, they find humor in destroying women.” 

They noticed that most of these people making these comments were underage boys, who make these remarks as jokes. This situation is even more infuriating to them because they know what it is like to be judged by their gender.

In regards to not just social media and daily life, they were asked if they have experienced misogyny.

They stated, “Yes, I’ve been able to witness multiple women such as myself be told that we only like sports such as soccer to ‘admire’ the men playing instead of having an actual interest in the sport.”

This means that they experience misogyny on a daily basis, and is further evidence that misogyny is more prevalent in our society.

Misogyny is also active in our own families and communities which affects every woman and girl in our city. A lot of men in our city think it is funny to make jokes about degrading women and how they are “lesser” than men. They would rather try to make their friends laugh than consider how humiliating and humorless those comments, and themselves are. Lots of Santa Ana residents are ignorant when it comes to these topics because of how they were taught growing up. A lot of males and even some females were taught to have the mindset that women “belong in the kitchen” and are not supposed to be as “superior” as men. 

To get an understanding from a misogynist’s point of view, an anonymous source was interviewed. They were asked different variations of the questions.

They were asked if they were affected by misogyny in any way. They said, “No, I am not affected by misogyny because I, myself am male.”

Of course they would not be affected by misogyny because misogyny is prejudice against people who identify as women.

They were also asked if they see misogyny in their daily lives.

“I do see it in daily life, as most of my friends and I myself partake in misogynistic acts sometimes,” they said.

A misogynist would see misogyny if they perform it; it is sad that it is normal to them. This also proves that misogyny is completely normalized, even when the person performing the acts recognizes that they are misogynistic.

When asked if they believe misogyny will decrease, they stated,

 “Yes it probably will.”

This contradicts everything they said, as they know they are misogynistic, but they also believe that it will decrease over time. How will they bring about change if they keep performing misogynistic acts? 

Finally, they were asked if they saw their own mother with these views. Having someone question their views in regards to their own mother is a heavy question.

They said, “Yes, frankly. I don’t see misogyny as completely degrading women. Just calling them out on their weaknesses compared to men. Mom isn’t perfect, and I can comment on that.”

Their perspective on misogyny is apparently not hatred, but calling women out on their weaknesses. This is ignorant, as calling women out on their weaknesses for no reason is unjustified prejudice. 

Regardless, on social media and in our own community, misogyny needs to be stopped. There is no reason to hate people for being themselves. It is wrong to let gender define people. Misogyny always has been and continues to be an issue until this day. Using someone’s identity in a ‘joke’ is not and will never be funny.