The 63rd annual Grammy Awards during a pandemic


courtesy of Instagram (recordingacademy)

Taylor Swift wins Album of the Year.

The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards showed the public that even with COVID-19 restrictions there can still be a glamorous night to appreciate the iconic artists that were able to release music in 2020. After being pushed back two months, the biggest names in the music industry gathered on March 14 to celebrate the hits that 2020 offered. 

There were many differences between Grammy Awards in previous years and the one that took place this year. This year the Grammys had a premiere ceremony where many awards were presented but weren’t shown during the night show. 

The premiere ceremony angered many people because they were looking forward to seeing those awards during the night show.

Junior Lillian Lee said, “Having a promotion of ‘inclusivity’ while also pushing POC artist’s awards into a ‘Premier Ceremony’ and the blatant disrespect and manipulative movements to beg for views.”

The night show opened up with Harry Styles performing his Grammy winning song “Watermelon Sugar.” This was the first time the watchers were able to see how the stages formed. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there wasn’t seating and a big stage. Instead, there were five different stages facing each other to only have the performers be in one room. 

Since there were multiple stages, artists were able to see the others perform and join in. Da Baby performed his hit song “Rockstar” and then later joined Dua Lipa during their song “Levitating.” 

The artists were able to create their own stage and show the world their talent.

Freshman April Carbajal said, “Taylor’s performance stood out to me the most. The scenery/set up was so aesthetically pleasing.” 

Taylor Swift’s stage was meant to seem that she was in a field with flowers and a house. This was a nod to both her albums she dropped in 2020 where both album covers were shot in nature.

“Overall, her whole performance was outstanding and so calming,” said Carbajal. 

Swift performed her two singles “cardigan” and “willow” while also adding her song “august” in between. 

The stages weren’t the only main difference in this year’s Grammy Awards. For every category that was being presented, the nominees were the only people sitting in the seats. This was done to limit the amount of people gathered together. The viewers could feel the tension in the room through the screen.

There have always been people who disagreed with the winners of certain categories and this year was no different. 

Lee was especially angry with the loss of “Dynamite” by BTS. 

“Dynamite was only nominated because it’s solely in English,” she said. 

Lee explained that had it not been for the boys in BTS being excited over the nomination, she wouldn’t have even seen the Grammys. 

“They were mistreated by Western media multiple times and continue to do so,” she said. 

However there were also winners that people agreed with. 

Carbajal said, “Megan (Thee Stallion) has accomplished and done so much the past year, so her winning Best New Artist was well deserved.” 

Megan walked away that night with two more wins that include the Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance. 

The big winner of the night was Taylor Swift as she won her third Album of the Year with “folklore.” Swift becomes the first female artist to win that category three times. “I think folklore winning album of the year was also well deserved,” said Carbajal.