Fun times in the middle of quarantine


Juan Alvarado

Seeing the laughter in a dark year.

Quarantine has definitely been one of the weirdest experiences of our lives. For some, there have been some extra weird experiences.

Despite so much negativity happening around the world, it is nice to reflect on the funny moments to brighten up the day. Even though online school was a huge setback for many of those hoping to have a great school year, here are some of the funniest/weirdest moments that happened during quarantine and this school year.

One person had an exciting moment when conducting science experiments in their house during distance learning.

“The “funniest” thing that happened to me during distance learning was when I was trying to do chemistry demos inside my house. I nearly started a fire a few different times: once while trying to demonstrate electrical conductivity with metals. Another time while trying to teach combustion reactions. I think I have some burnt spots on my carpet now.”

An MCHS student had some challenges associated with masks.

“There was a lady who looked almost identical to my mom at the store and since I could not really see their face due to the mask, I was following this lady around the store for about 10 minutes until she asked me if she knew me and when I heard her voice, I quickly apologized and called my mom on my cell phone. She was just standing at the entrance laughing so hard,” they said.

A Carr intermediate student witnessed an embarrassing moment in class one day.

“There was a kid in my class, he was not paying attention and the teacher had this app called GoGuardian that lets the teachers know what students are doing. The student was watching romance scenes in movies and the teacher tried getting his attention but he didn’t listen. The teacher then thought it would be funny to share her screen to show the class what the student was watching. Everyone then started laughing so hard,” they said.

This year has not brought us many laughs but there were some highlights that made us chuckle.