2021 SAUSD Graduation: Here’s what you’ll need to know.


taken by the ballpark digest

The Angel Stadium, where the graduating ceremony of class of 2021 will be held.

Slowly but surely, California is beginning to re-open and it is now possible for the class of 2021 to have a proper graduation. 

You no longer have to worry about staying at home and losing important life-events . You don’t have to worry about missing out on life like the previous year. At this point, there is nothing to be worried about, but to look forward.

COVID-19 has affected the graduating class of 2020. This class didn’t have a proper graduation ceremony. Missing out on graduation was unfortunate for those seniors.

Although it is too late for those seniors to have a proper graduation, this is not the case for the class of 2021. This year’s seniors will have a proper graduation ceremony.

The Santa Ana Unified School District and the Angels have announced that they will host a graduation ceremony for seniors later this month at Angels Stadium.

Despite a large budget of, “$470,000,” according to Director of Secondary Student Achievement Celeste Migliacio, it hasn’t stopped SAUSD from hosting the event.

In fact, according to Migliacio, she said that,It will be very similar to traditional SAUSD commencement ceremonies.”

SAUSD Director of Communications, Fermin Leal said, “The district wanted to hold an in-person experience for our students for graduation, given that almost all activities and instruction have been held virtually over the last year. Angel Stadium offered the best solution to host all our graduates and family members following all safety protocols.”

However, many questions remain on how this graduation will be different than other graduations that have been held before. There are some concerns about the safety of students, but Leal thinks there is nothing to worry about.

In addition, Migliacio stated that, “The plan is to have a traditional commencement ceremony, while remaining within the guidelines due to Covid”

Even so, there are questions about how many people are allowed to attend.

 “The stadium is large and students will be able to invite up to 6 family members to the ceremony.  The stadium’s size allows us to be socially distant,” Miglacio said.

SAUSD guarantees to the public that there is nothing to worry about at the event.

The ultimate goal of this event is to give the seniors and their families an opportunity to have a memorable experience they will never forget.