Viral makeup trends during quarantine


Ashley Santana (created with Canva)

Three different makeup looks are created inspired by TikTok trends.

You’re in quarantine, bored out of your mind, and you decide to spend time scrolling through TikTok. You see some pretty cool makeup looks and decide to try them out. Boom! New hobby. If you haven’t already noticed, numerous makeup trends from TikTok have gone viral and are worn by lots of people today.

A long list of trends that have been popularized by TikTok includes graphic eyeliner and doing the inner corner, soap brows, placing false eyelashes above the lash line to give the illusion of a thinner eye shape, drawing on freckles/ moles, and contouring.

Junior Carolina Perez said, “TikTok has made me try a couple of new things. I tried different things with eyeliner, soap brows, freckles, the lash hack where you place it above your lash line, overlining the lips, and using contour and concealer to lift the face.”

Although there’s a variety of makeup trends on TikTok, eyeliner seems to be the most prevalent. There isn’t a specific design or length to the eyeliner trend; it’s more about wearing eyeliner and getting creative with it. Some trends that include eyeliner are colored eyeliner, eyeliner for hooded eyes, graphic eyeliner, reverse cat-eye eyeliner, and using eyeshadow as eyeliner. Being in quarantine for over a year has given people a lot of time to practice certain skills so now they’re showing their skills off at school.

Junior Valerie Chavez said she tried out eyeliner and colored lashes.

Chavez stated, “ I feel a lot more confident when I have makeup on, however, I have somewhat become dependent on it to the point where I feel empty without it.”

Junior Lizeth Cruz said, “Some of these trends definitely have improved my self-esteem because my makeup has slowly gotten better after trying these different makeup trends. Now I feel good about always looking presentable and my best.”

Junior Aymee Marin said, “To be honest, I like the way I look even without makeup. In the beginning, I didn’t like the way I looked without makeup, but now I’ve become used to it so I’ve learned to like the way I look either way.”

To some makeup is a necessity, but to others a hobby. It can be used as a form of expression of art. Being in quarantine has given many the opportunity to explore different aspects of makeup and it has even become part of their daily routines. One of the most popular trends (and most common around) is eyeliner.

Perez said, “I started wearing makeup because I’ve always been curious to try makeup because I saw it as a form of expression where you could channel your emotions into it. It’s kind of like a window into your personality and tells something about you. With eyeliner, designs can be incorporated into eyeliner that has the ability to change your eye shape.”

Cruz said, “I think quarantine gave all of us a reason to get out of our comfort zone and try new things such as eyeliner then perfecting it. Learning how and what style is best for you takes time so the free time we had was good to practice.”

There’s never a bad time to start learning how to do makeup. There’s no starting line or ending line; it’s an ongoing journey where you keep learning different styles and techniques and tweak them to fit them to your style.

Junior Isabella Silva said, “Just like many forms of art, makeup is evolving every day. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, just your way.”