Wake up joyful! – the Spellbinder’s morning go to playlist


Viviana Rivera

The Spellbinder staff shares their favorite songs to play in their morning routine.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Ugh, it’s time to get up again. Many people’s morning routines consist of brushing their teeth and washing their face. Is listening to music part of your morning routine? 

The primary minutes of your mornings are the most important and may set the tone for the rest of your day. According to Listening to Music First Thing In The Morning Changed My Life, “it is a lot more productive and constructive to listen to a nice beat and visualize your ideal day. During this “meditation” music helps a lot to get you in the right vibe and also sets you up for positive thoughts.”

Senior Jennifer Gonzales had this to say about her morning routine. “I feel like my day starts like everyone else’s. I wake up, brush my teeth, wash my face and eat breakfast. Most of the time when I wake up I’m usually stressed about homework I didn’t complete or haven’t started. A way to keep my mind off of all that stress is by listening to music. I do this when I get ready and walk to school. When I listen to music I feel like it’s a way of freeing my mind from all of the things I need to get done and enjoying that time to myself. 

“When I wake up I usually stay in bed for a couple of minutes while going through my phone. Once I’m ready I pick out my clothes and head to my restroom. Before washing my face and teeth I always play music to wake me up further, it just makes my mornings better. I have a better mood in school,” said sophomore Marybeth Ruiz.

The 2021-2022 spellbinder staff compiled this playlist with our favorite morning go-to songs!




Mrs. Storms: 

Style- Taylor Swift 


Maria Alegria: 

Oye Mi Amor- Mana


Sahira Carino:

Pam Pam Pam- Natti Natasha, Becky G

Linda- Tokischa x Rosalia


Miranda Ceja Amezcua:

Maquillaje – Mecano


Stephanie Cervantes-Medrano:

August – Taylor Swift


Valerie Chavez:

Boys Don’t Cry-The Cure


Jazmin Chavira:

Es Por Ti – Juanes 


Joselin Corrales;

Bohemian Rhapsody- Queen


Noe De Santiago:

Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra 


Malena Fouts-Arteaga:



Alan Gazano: 

Earth, Wind & Fire – Let’s Groove


Andoe Glaser:

Doja Cat – Get Into It (Yuh)


Kaithlyn Gonzalez:

Boyfriend – Justin Bieber 


Christine Hinckley:

Yes You Can Use This in Your Vlog- Crust FM


Kimberly Lopez:

Taunt- Wilbur Soot


Sofia Macedo Garcia:

All I Want Is You – Mac Miller


Giovanna Nieto:

Lamento Boliviano – Los Enanitos Verdes 


Nicholas Ramirez:

You’ll Never Stop Me From Loving You- Sonia


Viviana Rivera Lopez:

Besame- Camila

Cuando Me Enamoro- Enrique Iglesias, Juan Luis Guerra 4.40


Daniel Salazar: 

Phum Viphurit- Paper Throne


Christopher Garcia:

Lonely God – Marlboro Nights


Ashley Santana:

Tear You Apart- She Wants Revenge


Guadalupe Vargas-Gomez:

Ms. Jackson – Outkast


Bryan Bacilio:

Up Up & Away -Kid Cudi


Kimberly Campista:

Vibin’ out -FKJ & (o)


Juan Carreon:

The Night Song-  Ravyn Lenae


Elizabeth Correa:

Gotta Get Up (Interlude) – Kali Uchis


Yarethsi Leal:

Quiero Sentirme Bien- Kali Uchis


Ashley Quinones:

Tear in My Heart – Twenty One Pilots 


Omar Reyes:

The Man Who Sold the World – Nirvana


Hugo Rivas:

Down by the River – Milky Chance


Arlene Rufino:

Tuyo y mío- camilo 


Carolyn Tran:

Centuries – Fall Out Boy


Fatima Carrera:

Try Again – d.dear, Jaehyun