The benefits of learning another language


Fatima Carrera

Students at Middle College High School show their progress with American Sign Language.

As of 2018, only 20% of Americans speak a second language at home, with English being one of the languages. On top of this, only 13% of these Americans can speak both languages fluently.

Nowadays the U.S is diversifying more and more each year, with people coming from different countries. This can cause language and cultural barriers between people. However, learning a new language can help break down those barriers. So, why exactly should you learn a second language?

A second language can help you communicate with people better. Although these days there are many apps that can be used to translate things, mistranslations and misunderstandings can easily  happen. 

Sophomore Christopher Garcia has experienced what it’s like not being able to communicate with people.

“My first language was Spanish and growing up it was very hard to communicate with other people. I had to constantly ask them to translate for me and at times it became overwhelming. So, learning a new language (English) was very beneficial to me because I was able to communicate with others and say what I wanted to say, ” Garcia said.

According to an article by New American Economy, “the demand for bilingual employees in the United States is more than double in five years. And that nearly 40% of US businesses plan to hire bilingual staff. Even interviewers show greater interest in hiring bilingual candidates.”

Being bilingual can expose you to many cultures and their traditions, ideas, religion, and even perspectives.

Sophomore Lesly Gonzalez had this to say about the language she is currently learning.

“I’m taking ASL classes and in them we’ve got to learn about deaf culture and etiquette and the many stereotypes that deaf people face. It has widened my perspective on deaf people and the things they go through in life,” Gonzalez said.

Garcia adds, “If you have the opportunity to learn a new language you should take it. It can be a very useful and fun experience.”