DC & Marvel characters are targets of homophobia


Screenshot by Kaithlyn Gonzalez

This is an example of the homophobic comments shown on Rap’s post about Tim Drake coming out as bisexual.

Homophobia is still very much present to this day. Multiple platforms of social media show the true side of people and how they feel about the LGBTQ+ community. Especially now, the LGBTQ+ community is getting more representation from many companies. One particular entertainment company that has shown more and more support is Marvel, and many fans (who are not a part of the LGBTQ+ community) have shown their disgust. DC, another entertainment company, has always been known to show their characters express their sexuality or have the company establish the identity of their characters themselves, but they have been battling with the same hate. At this moment, there has been more proof of fans not willing to accept new representation.

Eternals” is the movie that was just released on November 5 and has already gotten multiple bad reviews in a span of two weeks, but why? 

The backstory of “Eternals” being based eight months after “Endgame” (referring to the “Avengers: Endgame” movie) has gotten attention for this interesting information. The plot consists of immortal human beings with superhuman abilities who are up against a battle with the Deviants. But the plot isn’t something people are focusing on; rather the fact that Marvel finally placed an openly gay superhero on screen for the first time. One particular scene that was most prominent to people was the onscreen kiss between the superhero, Phastos, and his husband Ben Stoss. 

Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar were quick to place a ban on the film. Many of those expressed their anger over the ban including Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie who plays Thena in the film. Jolie spoke out saying, “How anybody is angry about it, threatened by it, doesn’t approve or appreciate it is ignorant.”

Junior Gil Lopez expressed his own opinion. “The ban is absolutely absurd. To go as far as to ban a movie for including a kiss scene that didn’t even last for 10 seconds shows how sensitive these countries may be. If a kiss scene makes you that uncomfortable, then maybe you shouldn’t be in a position of power where you have the ability to control the way people live their lives,” Lopez said.

Marvel has officially decided that they would not cut out the scene shared between the married couple, risking their profit in Mideastern countries. This decision has been one of the greatest Marvel has made; it truly is a turning point for modern and upcoming generations. 

But this is not the only hate-filled problem the LGBTQ+ community has been facing. DC has their fair share of hate being thrown their way for making posts of their superheroes, antiheroes, and villains coming out. One prime example of this would be Batman’s notorious sidekick, Tim Drake. The character was shown to come out as bisexual in the sixth issue of “Batman: Urban Legends.”

Tim Drake’s coming out became such a hot topic that Instagram account Rap made a post about it. This was much more controversial because of the people who follow the account Rap. Many believed it was posted for the sense of creating more conflict. Individuals in the comments were a prime exemplar of how homophobia is still very much prevalent in today’s society. Comments included, “They pushing the lgbtq on us,” “Let cartoons be cartoons, this **** is being forced at this point,”  “Mad strange,” “The world is doomed,” “This why Marvel wins,” etc. 

Thankfully, DC hasn’t backed down nor changed anything about their characters. It is great to see how well the LGBTQ+ has been represented along with these companies still showing their support. 

High school student, Bobby Vigo agrees. “I think people who say the ‘gay agenda’ is being pushed and forced into everyday things is very dumb, and in my opinion, it’s very important to have LGBTQIA+ representation. I think it’s great for it’s always nice having yourself being represented,” said Vigo.

Segerstrom student Erandi Cabrera said, “I feel in a way represented because a lot of people here in the US are very stubborn about media having openly gay couples and people.”

Representation is important for current and upcoming generations. There shouldn’t be any embarrassment or any hate when it comes to being open and comfortable with who you are.