How much money do students spend at the SAC student store?


Bryan Bacilio

The SAC student store is a place many students go to for fueling up during the day.

About a year ago, Santa Ana College started and finished building the student Johnson Center. This center has many resources including a student store where students can buy snacks, drinks or even school supplies. MCHS and SAC students have the option of going to the store to get what they need to function for the day. 

Getting through a school day without having energy is always a tough thing to do. Sometimes students wake up late and don’t have enough time for breakfast. Things come up and we don’t get our boost of energy for the day. Fortunately, since they finished building the Johnson Center, MCHS students now have a better student store where they could get snacks that would help them push through the day. 

Senior Luis Ruvalcaba often goes to the store to get energy drinks and snacks to get him through the day. 

“I feel like the student store was a great addition to the MCHS and SAC campus. When I need energy for the day, I just come to the student store and get what I need. It’s convenient!” he said.

With the student store being accessible to everyone, it brings to light the question, how much money are students spending at the student store?

Senior Sergio Tovar was willing to share his purchasing habits. 

Tovar said, “On average I would say that I spend no more than $5 a week. There are even some weeks that I don’t spend money at all. I only go to the student store for an energy bar or some sort of drink.”  

50 students from all grades were surveyed about the student store. The survey consisted of four questions. 

The first question was: How many times a week do you go to the student store to purchase a snack/drink? 42.9% of the students said that they go roughly about 1-2 times a week. 

The second question was: How much money do you spend weekly at the student store? 57.1% of the students said that they spend anywhere around $1 to $5. 

The third question was: Do you tend to buy snacks more often or drinks more often? 71.4% of the students said that they go to the store to get snacks. I knew that snacks was definitely going to be the popular choice but it completely blew the drink option out of the park. 

The last question in the survey was: Why do you buy snacks at the student store? 48.6% of the students answered, “because you’re hungry.” 

The results from the survey did make a lot of sense. These results were as expected because since the store had opened, the students often went inside to purchase snacks instead of drinks. It was just something that everyone noticed.  

In my opinion, this new student store has made a huge positive impact on both MCHS and SAC campuses. It has and will continue to make many students’ lives easier.