What has changed with the holidays in 2021?


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Last year, you might have had a lonely Christmas tree with no one around to appreciate it due to the pandemic.

One year you are sitting around the table surrounded by friends and family enjoying a nice meal full of stories, laughs, and love; the next you’re alone at home with silence in the air and people getting sick. Will this year be different or will it be the same as the last?

A lot has happened between the start of quarantine and today. There have been many changes in almost everything like rules, buildings, people, and holidays to name a few. Places now have rules of wearing masks or showing proof of a negative test or proof of having the vaccine. New buildings have sprung up. People’s appearance has changed from when you last saw them. But what has changed with the holidays?

Some families had problems with COVID-19 which prevented them from even having the possibility of having a family reunion or celebration for the holidays.

A parent, Socorro Salazar said, “El año pasado a mi esposo le dio el COVID y pasamos estas fechas con tristeza y preocupación.” (Last year my husband contracted COVID and we spent the holiday season with sadness and anxiety.)

She was not able to enjoy the holiday season due to her husband getting sick and this was the case for many families. A lot of people were not able to celebrate with their families and the ones who did were not able to celebrate with their whole family. This is something that many missed from the past year.

Parent Martha Rodriguez said, “Que no estamos toda la familia” (That the whole family wasn’t present.)

When asked the question, “What did you miss most about the holidays last year?” This parent said they missed not having the whole family celebrate together. Many people had absent family members in their reunions and some did not have any reunion at all. This year things have started to die down a bit and some are planning on doing things on the holidays. 

Yes, the plans for this year are to get together. We would listen to music, spend time together and either sing or dance, ” said senior Daniela Arredondo.

Soon many of us will be celebrating together and we will be sharing food, laughter, joy, and presents in the upcoming holidays. And things will be different than last year.

“It will be different and more family members will be present,” senior Emiliano Mendoza said.

Although things seem to be clearing up and plans are being made to reunite with family during this holiday season we should still take precautions as the CDC advises to stay safe and protected while also having a good time. 

We should, “Protect those not yet eligible for vaccination such as young children by getting yourself and other eligible people around them vaccinated.” As well as, “Wear well-fitting masks over your nose and mouth if you are in public indoor settings if you are not fully vaccinated,” as the CDC states.

Stay safe during the holidays and be careful out there. Remember to protect yourself, those around you, and to have a good time. Happy Holidays!