Senior year: Here we come

Seniors throw their caps as they celebrate a chapter of their life ending and a new one beginning.

Kimberly Lopez

Seniors throw their caps as they celebrate a chapter of their life ending and a new one beginning.

As the Class of 2022 leaves MCHS for good, the Class of 2023 will take their place. The graduating seniors have worked hard to get where they are. So, what advice do they have for the rising seniors?

Senior Alexis Tillayatzi said, “The hardest part of senior year was probably when I realized that I must be responsible for myself. This means that I had to apply to colleges and make a huge decision about what college I wanted to say yes to. The hardest part is realizing that I’m no longer my parent’s responsibility.”

Senior year comes with many responsibilities such as being a role model to the underclassmen, maintaining clubs, budgeting for senior activities, and keeping up with college applications.

Juniors, do not be frightened by what next year brings. The seniors have advice for you!

Tillayatzi said, “Prepare yourself for the decisions you have to make! Start asking yourself where you want to go, what you want to study, do you want to stay in-state or leave the state, and also ask your parents if they will help you pay for college. Plan out when things are due like FAFSA or an application or the due date of a scholarship. Do not worry about the cost of college. Once you get a degree and are done with school. The loans you owe will pay off themselves.”

Though there are many things juniors will have to prepare for, they must gather what they have learned from their teachers and carry that with them throughout their senior year.

Tillayatzi said, “To all you future seniors: you will survive! You will get through all of the stress you will encounter! Enjoy the fact you’re going crazy about where you’re going to go and what you’re going to study because you might not ever have the opportunity to experience something such as applying to college! It’s a crazy roller coaster that will make you scream and cry but when it’s almost over you’ll wish you enjoyed it much more than you had.”

Even if senior year will start hectic it is most important to have fun as well.

Some juniors are scared of what senior year means and brings in terms of responsibility. During senior year there are a lot of things to keep track of and this can give us anxiety.

The staff at MCHS has done their absolute best to prepare us. It has been reinforced that success is what we are supposed to be aiming for.

Junior Samantha Esparza said, “I think the hardest part is realizing that we are rising seniors. We still feel like sophomores. To prepare, as of right now, just finishing the year strong.”

Juniors feel they have been at MCHS for a short time because of the pandemic.

Junior AVID teachers, Kathleen Peterson and Micah You have been incorporating the Student Learner Outcomes into their teaching. Students are motivated, college and career ready, highly effective communicators, and socially responsible.

Junior Jennifer Lopez said, “For Mrs. Peterson’s AVID class, we have given presentations about colleges and what these colleges offer, along with their requirements. I am excited for senior because it’s my last year at MCHS.”

Juniors express that they are ready and capable of completing senior year strong.

Junior Alan Esqueda said, “I think that the hardest part about senior year is college applications and staying motivated throughout the year. Mr. You has prepared me by teaching me techniques that will allow me to thrive in university and he has also helped with preparing me for college applications.”

Juniors believe that the first semester is going to be difficult because of the application process, but teachers have prepared them to thrive even when times are tough.

Educators are tasked to help their students thrive and adapt to any environment. They know MCHS students are determined to work towards their future.

Middle College High School students and I know that first-semester AVID is hectic because of college applications and FASFA. I talked with other AVID teachers to understand what they do in order to help their students and started assigning weekly goals for my students. A skill that sets a student up for success is being goal-oriented. A lot of the students at Middle College are ambitious but sometimes if they go to college or university, the students tend to get burnout or stretch themselves so thin that they break. It’s very important to develop a healthy coping system. For the juniors, give yourself a break and be accountable for yourself.

Teachers dedicate their time to instructing and giving advice to students about their future. Mr. You teaches his AVID students ways they can prepare ahead of time like setting weekly goals.

Middle College High School English and AVID teacher, Kathleen Peterson said, “I think we have this picture of a perfect 4.3 student, because 4.0 is not good enough anymore. And you know not everyone fits that. Instead of looking for a school that requires a 4.3 look for the colleges that require whatever GPA you have. Whatever you do to further your education, is good.”

I think senior year is going to be difficult at first but later on, in the year we are going to have fun. There are so many things that the junior year teachers have taught us and will continue to finish teaching. Sooner or later we will become seniors, I wish everyone luck!