Rising popularity of Andrew Tate


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Andrew Tate’s exposure spreads on the internet like wildfire after his claims on women and other topics.

Internet personality, Andrew Tate, has gained many followers on many social media platforms around the summer of 2022 for his misogynistic and violent remarks toward women. This popularity has led many young male viewers to agree with and be influenced by Tate’s ideologies which are harmful to not only women and others, but to them as well.

An “alpha male” is defined as “a personality type that describes someone who is dominant, arrogant, competitive, confident, etc.” Alpha male influencers have been around for the longest time. They tend to spread their beliefs and ideologies on masculinity, priorities, life, hustle culture, and women. Masculinity and women are the topics that give these male influencers followers and views on their social media posts, with both sides of views being negative and positive.

This started to gain more attention when Andrew Tate started getting well-known for his remarks about sparkling water, depression not being real, the LGBTQ+ community, his Hustler’s University program, and his overall alpha-like personality. However, the attention grew when he began to share his opinion on women.

Tate would claim that women are men’s property, every woman should commit to their husband, and other misogynistic claims. The comments under each video would either be supportive of his claims or against his claims. Both sides would be constantly battling each other over who is right and who is wrong.

Since these videos surfaced online, Tate has been influencing men to put down women, especially teenage boys.

This angered many online, the majority of which were women.

An anonymous student said, “If putting women in their place is your only way of proving your masculinity, then you probably don’t have any to begin with.”

After a while of these posts surfacing online, it came down to Andrew Tate being banned on almost every social media platform around August.

This action spread like wildfire across the internet with Tate’s followers being angry and starting petitions to bring him back. Those who didn’t support him approved of the ban.

“I’m glad he was banned. He is a bad influence on young men and we shouldn’t listen to whatever he’s got to say. Listening to him will do nothing but set us back and only give birth to more people like him,” Antonio Montes, a high school graduate, said.

Although he was banned, it doesn’t stop the support of many, and his videos are still being uploaded.