Thoughts on the show ”All of Us Are Dead“


Shirley Gonzalez (made with Canva)

The show “All of Us Are Dead” causes viewers to wonder how they would react if they were in a zombie apocalypse– whether they would become selfish or selfless.

You’re eating lunch with your friends in the cafeteria. You’re yelling trying to be heard over all the noise and then a girl screams. It gets quiet, so quiet. Then you hear it. The thump of hands hitting the glass. When you look at the door you see it. A mob of people are swarming to get in. They shatter the glass doors in a matter of seconds. That’s when all hell breaks loose and everyone screams.

The show “All of Us are Dead,” a Korean drama released in 2022, transforms the known stereotype of where a zombie apocalypse starts. The show focuses on a group of high school students trying to survive the challenges of being a teenager and the zombie apocalypse.

The way a zombie outbreak starts differs from show to show. In “All of Us Are Dead,” the outbreak begins in a high school science lab.

“Instead of being out there in the world, it was just in (the) school,” said freshman Fernando Hernandez.

Throughout the show, the main characters faced limitations because they were confined to a classroom in the school.

“They were stressing about food and water,” said freshman Gisel Gallardo.

Since the main characters were forced to co-exist with one another it made them look out for one another.

“The characters used teamwork to change locations and avoid confronting the zombies,” senior Erika Corona said.

The relationship between long term friends Lee Cheong-san and Nam On-jo’s relationship is focused on the most throughout the show. The pair is often together throughout the show and have even been mistaken for a couple. 

“But aren’t you with Cheong-san?” says Lee Su-hyeok, former bully in episode one.

The love triangle in the show makes the show more realistic and attractive to viewers.

“The most realistic part would have to be the relationships. (Cheong-San) likes (On-jo), but (On-Jo) likes (Su-Hyeok) and he likes (Nam-Ra), but she likes no one,” said Hernandez.

The experiences characters share with each other brings them closer together or in some cases farther apart. After Han Gyeong-su turned into a zombie in episode three because of Lee Na-yeon’s actions it caused the other characters to turn against her and alienate her.

Hernandez said he would handle things differently.   

“Maybe kick (Na-yeon) out or send her to dangerous things,” he said.

The show “All of Us Are Dead” is unique because it focuses on the characters and their relationships throughout the show alongside the rest of the show.

In his article reviewing the show, journalist Aaron S. Jones said, “‘All of Us Are Dead’ focuses on these relationships so that when the inevitable virus spreads, the loss is felt that much more.”