Podcast – Parents just don’t understand Part I


Esmeralda Coeto Medina (created with Canva)

In this podcast, listen to four audio diaries that show what life as a Middle College student is like.

Welcome back to “Three and a Half Villagers” where this week’s podcast episode is called “Parents just don’t understand,” where we demonstrate to our parents that our lives aren’t as easy as they think it is. Here we have each podcast member’s audio diary of just one out of every other busy day that they have. We all recorded at different times during the day to show where we were, what we were doing, and what we still have to do before the day ends. We decided to do this topic because as students we can all relate to each other about being tired, going home, and our parents yelling at us, “Porque estas cansado, no haces nada!” or “why are you tired if you don’t do anything!” Hopefully this podcast changes their mind and lets them know that we also have a busy life just like they do.

JUAN ALVARADO:  Okay, so we’re going to start off with me, Juan Alvarado,  and I’m just going to talk about what’s going on around me at the time, and what I was doing. I hope you guys enjoy!

ALVARADO: Hi guys, good morning it’s me Juan Alvarado, it’s 6:30 a.m currently. I just woke up and I’m getting ready for school and eat breakfast. Today’s gonna be a busy day; tune in with me, feeling kind of tired from yesterday. I stayed until 9:30 p.m. at school for the play.

ALVARADO:  I’m going to lunch right now. It’s been a busy day so far. I’m feeling so tired from yesterday, and then I’m going to my final period for the day which is yearbook.

ALVARADO:  Okay so it’s 4 p.m. I’ve arrived at work. I got here a little early to eat and kind of relax before I enter my shift. I’m in the warehouse right now recording. It’s going to be around a five and half hour shift. I get out at 10; I’ll see you guys later.

ALVARADO:  So it’s 10:30 p.m., and I just arrived home; got out of work, and I got around a 30 minute break and a lunch too. I’m about to start my final for philosophy which is for the college class that I am taking right now and I have until 11:59 to complete it, and it’s already 10:30. Hopefully I can complete it in time. Thank you guys for listening to my day. It was a very busy day, I’ll see you guys next time.

DANIEL CABRAL:  Hello this is the guy from the intro. I recorded my entry Thursday,  February the 2nd.  Here is a glimpse into my day in a life as a Middle College student. 

CABRAL: Good morning, it’s me Daniel Cabral, and it is currently 6:48. I kind of woke up late because I slept later than I expected, but still it’s a beautiful morning, and I have enough time to eat and get ready and so that’s what I’m gonna do. I knew that today– I anticipated that Thursday was gonna be busy, and I was right, and Friday is gonna be even more busy. So yeah see you. 

CABRAL:  Yeah guys it’s Daniel Cabral again. This is installment two. It is currently lunch time, 11:45. It’s usually a busy time. Let me talk about the food this time; I managed to get a parfait. Usually, I never get them because they always run out, but pretty happy about that. I like the food here and here’s a recap of what I’ve done so far. Period 5 I had economics. My friends and I finished- sorry about that- finished our poster. And for period 6 it was journalism so I just managed to. Since this is my job right now I basically have journalism as a free period so I use it to write my script for multi-media which we are gonna record today. My friends and I sit near the elevator. Current right now, I’m on the second floor right next to Mrs. Nguyen’s class because this is a place a little bit more quieter than the rest. Yeah that’s it. I have game design next period.

CABRAL: Hello this is my third entry, and I’m currently in front of the Village logo right across the actual Middle College High School. I currently finished period seven and period seven was game design. 

After lunch I worked on my Unreal Engine Game. Pretty fun, got some work done and after that we recorded for the news. That was something else. It was very fun and laid back because I had a script written and just being involved in the process of the news is something I really enjoy doing, and so right now I’m gonna go home; I bike so it will take me around twenty minutes so I’ll keep you updated by then. See you. 

CABRAL: Yeah I know it’s a bit late; it’s currently 10:35, and I anticipated that this evening was going to be pretty busy. I was thinking you know maybe I’d do some homework, maybe I’d workout. Well I did do some homework. In actuality I had to prepare for like a memorial like a service because my cousin passed away, and so I had to help my sister you know with all the guests and we kind of had like a sermon. I don’t know what you call it, like a mini mass in there. I thought it was really nice. Yeah all the close relatives. After that, we had some bread and some coffee. It was really nice, and this is just the first of nine days so there is more of this and yeah guess that’s it. Well that’s the end of my day. See you guys. 

NOE DE SANTIAGO:  Hello everyone my name is Noe De Santiago, and this is my audio diary. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Thank you!

SANTIAGO:  Hello good morning. It’s currently 6:55, and I have to get ready for school. Well at least I have to wake up my brother and make sure he gets to school before 8. So yeah I am currently feeling very tired. Today marks the beginning of SAC classes so I have to make sure I check those as well as I also have soccer practice today, from 3:30 to 5 I believe. So yeah very tired and can’t wait for the day to start.

SANTIAGO:  Alright this is, we are at lunch. We are at lunch right now, just finished with second period. We had journalism feeling very tired. I just need one more class. It’s yearbook, and after that I have to stay and wait for practice. Go away, Juan. That’s basically it.


SANTIAGO: That was Valerie Chavez.

CHAVEZ:  His girlfriend.

SANTIAGO:  Thank you, yeah.

SANTIAGO:  It’s currently 5:30, and I just got home from practice very tired. I am about to start cooking for my parents and brother. Then I am about to take a shower after that since I smell, and I hate if I have to eat and then smell myself it’s just yeah. Then after that I plan to do homework and finally relax, especially since today is the first day that college classes start. I have to make sure I start strong.

SANTIAGO: It is currently 9:15, and I have finished cleaning and doing all my chores. Now it’s time to do homework, and I don’t think it’s that much; it is the first day of college classes but sometimes you have that one teacher that just assigns too much either within the first week or the first day. So yeah this concludes my audio diary? Yeah audio diary yeah thank you.

BRANDON RUBALCAVA:  Hello guys, Brandon Rubalcava here, this is my segment of my full day audio diary. I hope you guys enjoy.

RUBALCAVA: Hello everyone. It is currently 7:35 a.m., and I am ready to start my day. Before I head over to school, ah my first class is at 10 p.m. (I meant a.m.), like, second period. Before I head out over there, I’m gonna, get ready, change, cook food, eat food, and do a bit of homework before I get over there at around… 9. 

RUBALCAVA: Hello so I am currently on the second floor of the Johnson (student) Center; it is lunchtime and I am being kinda quiet because I don’t wanna disturb everyone around me. I am not necessarily looking forward to my last class, but that will be fine. I’m probably going to be doing work right now.

RUBALCAVA: Hello so I just got out of my last class, and I am currently walking to soccer practice which should be fun. And after that I’m gonna go home and start recording for that as well.

RUBALCAVA: Hello, it is currently 6 p.m.; I’m in my backyard so that’s why it might sound windy. I just got home from soccer practice; I could’ve recorded after I finished, but I was so tired, and I mean I’m still very tired from soccer practice. But right now, I’m going to go shower, then start doing work on my college work for philosophy and for fashion… my fashion design class which are the two current classes I’m taking. And I’m also gonna catch up on my missing assignments which I really need to do as I have around 20 of them so that should be fun. And I should be going to sleep at around 11 or 12 because I have work tomorrow morning at around 7 a.m. with my father. 

That’s a wrap for us 3 ½ Villagers. I hope you guys enjoyed our podcast episode of “Parents just don’t understand.” Tune in for our part two coming up soon where our parents will be reacting to our audio diaries, and we get to hear them out about their high school life or just their busy day and why they’re tired.