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Stars can provide more than just entertainment from their careers

Dianna Razo (created with Canva)
Celebrities can help people who see them by providing similar experiences and emotions that people can connect to.

Role models are people that others look up to. People like their parents, teachers and those they develop a close relationship with in their lives. Now, in the age of the internet, that pool has grown to add many new people to this position. This includes those who are a part of the world of stardom.

Celebrities like Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift have made a major impact on this generation towards those who see themselves in them. Releases like Selena Gomez’s “My Mind & Me” and Taylor Swift’s “Anti-Hero” have made an impact on those who suffer from similar experiences. Showing that regardless of the space we occupy, we all bleed the same.

Celebrities may be considered by many as the wrong people to think of when thinking of a figure to follow. They are considered to be a part of a world that most people will never gain access to. They are rich, successful, have thousands of fans and a ton of attention from the media. These are people whom many would not consider as individuals who live the ordinary life. I would agree that, yes, stars have many factors that make their lives incredibly different from ours, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t struggle with issues that we see today and can be an outlet to help those around them.

Observations have been noted about celebrities and how they can act as good figures in today’s world. They can help reduce the stigma of mental health and leave an impactful message with the stories they have to the people around them. Those stories can lead to those that learn of them to gain more information about mental health, seek help and copy positive behaviors.

“I’m at peace. I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m confident. I’m full of doubt. I’m a work in progress. I am enough,” these are words said by Selena Gomez, in her documentary “My Mind & Me” that was released in 2022. These words that many people can connect to regardless of the situation or circumstance. Feeling the whirling of emotions that life brings to you and understanding that this is what up who you are. She is one of many celebrities who help bring connection to those suffering.

Virginia Hernandez, age 27 and currently a barista at Starbucks, shares how she has been impacted by celebrities when talking about Selena Gomez.

“Yeah when she revealed her struggle and how public her life was causing her anxiety, I felt that,” Hernandez said.

Even when discussing how their position as celebrities may add factors that dilute their struggles, Hernandez says that it could be beneficial to those who listen to their stories.

“They have the resources to get help. If I had the resources, I’d get help too. I’d feel indifferent about their privilege,” Hernandez said.

We can see this connection in many individuals today. Many students identify with celebrities because of the things they have in common. With many of them realizing that celebrities are just like them, being able to see themselves in their lives and recognizing that they are not alone.

Sophomore Shirley Gonzalez adds on how celebrity involvement can help people today especially now that the internet has now become more open to sharing personal experiences.

“Overall, I think that talking about mental health in this day and age is simply a way for people to be more connected with shared experiences. Someone can always relate to what someone else is feeling…” Gonzalez said.

Many people online have shared how celebrities helped them through their struggles. In an age more open to hearing about mental health and trauma, hearing from celebrities opens the gates for those hiding in worry or stigma. It helps normalize it and can help the views on celebrities as it shows that even with all the perceived positives in their lives, the same issues that affect us now affect them too.

Even if some people disagree, it can be known that regardless, people can be affected by the words and experiences they share online. It doesn’t matter to those who connect with these experiences that these celebrities would have more privilege than themselves.

As Hernandaz comments about Selena Gomez and her celebrity status, that it doesn’t matter because regardless she is just like any other person.

“I view her as a person, not a celebrity. She’s relatable because she goes through what everyone else goes through,” Hernandez said.

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