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The importance of AI in school and work environments

Artificial Intelligence is evolving to do human-like task.
Elizabeth Coyazo (created with Canva)
Artificial Intelligence is evolving to do human-like task.

Artificial Intelligence is the brilliant thread weaving innovation into technology. It transforms every aspect of our lives by making our lives more efficient, helping us improve our weaker areas of study, and much more.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. From the music we listen to, to the websites we use for work. AI is there. Its technology can create human-like tasks, enabling businesses to streamline operations and focus on creativity and strategy. From data analysis to customer service, AI-driven automation enhances efficiency, reducing the margin of error and increasing overall productivity. AI not only saves time and resources but also allows people to focus on tasks requiring human intuition and creativity, especially for students.

The influence of AI is starting to be seen in the classroom and is being suggested to students.

Biology teacher, Laura Compton, shares her opinion, “I think AI is a great thing; I tell my students to definitely use it to grade their work and see where they need to improve, ” Compton said.

Likewise, AVID teacher, Amy Holte, also shares her opinion on AI.

“AI has the capability to save time for people on simple everyday tasks,” Holte said.

Furthermore, students can use AI to help them improve their work. With this technology, students can develop stronger by enhancing their weaker areas of study. When used appropriately, AI can definitely change the way we work, making our lives more efficient.

“I think AI is the way of the future; if used appropriately, then it’s absolutely a time saver,” Compton said.

“I think, as educators, we should start teaching students on how to use AI appropriately and to generate ideas,” Holte said.

Additionally, AI can help the way we learn and teach. AI could also make tasks more efficient and easier, saving our time by helping us create ideas. For example, a report about the importance of artificial intelligence called, The Impact of Artificial Intelligence On the Future of Workforces in the European Union and the United States of America, claims, “AI is a fast-evolving technology with great potential to make workers more productive, to make firms more Workforces in the European Une efficient, and to spur innovations in new products and services.” For instance, AI’s fast-evolving technology makes it easier and more efficient for workers.

In addition, the technology of AI is evolving to the point where we are able to learn and improve our weaker areas of study more efficiently. AI has also evolved to the point where it can do human-like tasks.

An article called The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Growth and Employment, states “AI-powered technologies can now perform a range of tasks, including retrieving information, coordinating logistics, providing financial services, translating complex documents, writing business reports, preparing legal briefs, and even diagnosing diseases.”

Overall, AI is important for our future and everyone else’s because it helps educate us more efficiently. If used appropriately, AI can help us manage our time and help us do better in our work.

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