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The complexity of Christmas traditions

Johana Carmona (created with Canva)
There are many Christmas traditions out there. It all depends on what we believe and enjoy to do. We have grown with these traditions and sometimes we don’t even know they are traditions.

Over the years, Christmas has evolved in many ways. One of those ways is the traditions many of us have. All around the world, we have traditions like putting up a tree, having gifts under a tree, leaving cookies and chocolate out for Santa, food, or even the types of decorations we put up. The traditions we continue are based on our different beliefs. Although we do have more than one tradition in our lives, some of us find one over the other to be our favorite. Traditions seem to make this holiday special for us and our loved ones.

When we think about Christmas, we tend to think about opening presents; we don’t stop to think of the connections of traditions we have with our families. There are many traditions many of us don’t seem to realize are traditions.

Throughout the United States, there are many different customs and ways that people celebrate Christmas. Because of its multicultural nature, we have different meals, decorations, and beliefs.

Meals are often eaten at a specific time depending on the culture that people come from, which can be on Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

Some examples of these traditional meals would be how Western European families have turkey or ham with cranberry sauce, while Italian-American families enjoy a big Christmas Eve meal of different fish dishes.

Over the years, eggnog has been considered a “traditional” Christmas drink in the U.S, as well as making gingerbread houses and eating all kinds of food on Christmas.

Christians will go to Church to celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas. They have special Christmas Carol services and events held where the story of Christmas is told.

New England has shops called “Christmas Shops” that only sell Christmas decorations and toys all year round. Many people like to send out Christmas cards, go caroling and do Christmas activities.

All around us we see people like to decorate the outside of their home with Christmas lights. Even some have statues of Santa Claus, snowmen and reindeer.

There are many beliefs we are told as kids about Christmas. We may not know it, but some of the things we do can be traditions.

Some of those traditions can be:

  1. Decorate the tree
  2. Bake Christmas cookies
  3. Write a letter to Santa (and the reindeer)
  4. Looking at the twinkly lights
  5. Build a gingerbread house
  6. Sing Christmas carols
  7. Exchange gifts
  8. Wear an ugly sweater
  9. Watch Christmas movies
  10. Spend time with the people you love

There is so much meaning behind all the traditions we have with our families.

Chemistry and AVID educator, Micah You, shared a bit about how he feels about Christmas. His view of Christmas has changed since he has grown older and has daughters of his own now. His family and he once had mellow feelings towards Christmas and the traditions, but that has changed.

Now it’s a lot different because I have two little kids, so seeing their excitement is really fun and all the little traditions from putting up lights, to decorating the tree, to buying gifts and opening presents and things like that have made it something I enjoy more than when I was growing up,” You said.

Just as parents feel the joy of having traditions with their kids and watching their happiness, kids and teenagers have as much fun during this time.

Junior Michelle Zamora said, “I love Christmas. It’s my favorite holiday and just like my favorite time of the year. I love seeing all the decorations like in my house and in places where they put them up. I love everything about it.”

So many families around the world have traditions. Some people may have one tradition or several, however they find happiness in what they do.

“I think now it’s definitely normal stuff, but things I didn’t do growing up that much, like putting up Christmas lights or decorating a tree, wrapping gifts, hiding them, the Christmas morning excitement of opening stuff up, and then doing things with my kids like going and seeing cool decorations, and going to those places where they have cool Christmas tree stuff, “ You said.

With enjoyment, there can also be stress. Getting ready for Christmas can be stressful with the thought of figuring out what to get your loved ones or just getting the food ready. This part of Christmas isn’t only stressful for adults, but young ones as well. It seems to be not enjoyable.

“Probably the preparation for the food and setting up everything, but once you’re done with that everything looks so nice and the food is good and everything is so easy after,” Zamora said.

Christmas is a beautiful holiday that has been close to many of our hearts. In the start it can be stressful, but seeing that happiness in the people you love is always a reward. There are so many traditions with this holiday that make us happy. Traditions have and will continue to be a huge part of this holiday.

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