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Upcoming ASB president and her goals for the 2024-2025 school year

Kaitlyn Figueroa
Upcoming ASB president, Ariena “Ari” Molina, and her goals for the 2024-2025 school year.

Every year at Middle College, our Associated Student Body gains a new president for the upcoming school year. Each president leaves a certain message for the student body after they graduate and inspiration for the leaders to come.

In early April, the ASB elections started; members were running for treasurer, secretary, vice president and president. All candidates made sure to promote themselves and their goals as well as how they are going to succeed in their desired roles. During this week of campaigning, the student body gained insight into each candidate. Each role and its competition is important and necessary, however, the one that was focused on the most was the competition for the role of ASB president.

In the end, the majority of the student body selected Ariena “Ari” Molina as their ASB president for the 2024-2025 school year. Despite her initial nervousness, she feels extremely grateful for the trust the student body has in her and hopes to accomplish their goals.

“Honestly, I feel kind of nervous because it is a big and important role, but I am ready for it,” Molina said.

Molina has been in ASB since the beginning of her sophomore year. She has been recognized for her helpful and positive attitude both inside and outside the classroom. Since middle school, she had always dreamed of running for ASB president as she has always admired the role of a leader. Her inspiration to run for the election came from her personal experiences as a leader at her church and observing her parents as leaders themselves.

Her campaign for president gave the student body an understanding of what she hopes to accomplish and how she plans to accomplish that.

“My goals as ASB president are to uplift school spirit and listen to the wants and needs of the student body because [ultimately] ASB is here for the student body,” Molina said.

During her campaign, she outlined her goals and plans for each grade level, with a particular focus on the class of 2025, so their senior year runs smoothly.

“[I hope to] provide more events for the class of 2025 and not just at the end of the year, but throughout the year,” Molina said.

She wants to focus on providing a stronger support system for the rising seniors during and after the college application process. Seniors are given events and fun activities towards the end of the school year, Molina hopes to include and spread more of these activities throughout the school year so that the entirety of the year is filled with memories.

As for all remaining class grades, Molina hopes to incorporate more field trips.

“[Field trips] are something I have really been wanting since my freshman year and I feel that it is something the student body will also want,” Molina said.

More specifically, she plans to help the incoming freshman feel more comfortable with each other and the new environment they would be in. Rising sophomores will be given more opportunities to get to know each other and support systems to prepare them for their junior year.

As for rising juniors, she acknowledges that junior year is one of the most rigorous and difficult years in high school and would like to include more events that support mental health and relieve stress.

Additionally, she would like to research and provide more information on resources such as internships, summer programs, research programs and extracurricular activities for those looking for opportunities outside of school. By this, she believes that the student body will be allowed to take advantage of all of our community’s opportunities and enhance their academic experience.

“I plan to achieve all these goals with the help of ASB and the student body because whatever we do as ASB cannot be completed without the help of the student body,” Molina said.

Ultimately, Molina’s final and biggest goal is to leave MCHS knowing the 2024-2025 school year was eventful and enjoyed by the student body.

“[I would like to leave] knowing that you guys had a wonderful experience and that you are proud to say that you came to MCHS,” Molina said.

Something Molina really emphasizes is her belief that nothing could be done without the support of the student body at MCHS. She feels incredibly honored to be our next ASB president.

“I would like to say thank you guys for electing me as your president, I am going to take it seriously as I promised and I will make sure that my full effort is in ASB,” Molina said.

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