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Podcast: Behind the Beauty Part III

Podcast: Behind the Beauty Part III

LOLA GONZALEZ: Hey guys, Welcome back to Behind the Beauty, my name is Lola Gonzalez.

GUADALUPE BRITO: And I’m Guadalupe Brito.

GONZALEZ: Once again we’ll be talking about makeup products and the latest trends within the beauty community. 

BRITO: We’ll give our opinions and advice so continue watching.

GONZALEZ AND BRITO: Now let’s get started guys!

BRITO: Before anything else, this will be our last podcast episode as freshmans. We are so excited for the upcoming season, take a look at our future projects! So the products we will be reviewing today are Mielle Rosemary Mint Scalp Hair Strengthening Oil and Argan Oil Treatment from One n Only. This is different then our usual products because we wanted to switch it up for the end of the year.

GONZALEZ: So personally I’ve been using the Mielle hair oil while Lupe has been using the Argan Oil Treatment, me and Lupe have very different hair types. I would consider to be my, my hair to be wavy, wavy-ish while Lupe has very silky straight hair guys.

BRITO: Yeah, my hair is straight and feels soft. I would say that it’s low maintenance, I don’t have to add a lot of products. When I applied the Argan Oil Treatment, my hair felt smoother and healthier. How was your experience Lola?

GONZALEZ: I feel like my experience with the Mielle hair oil was similar to yours. The only difference is that my hair honestly, I don’t think it felt smoother. But I did see a difference in my split ends, like I definitely noticed it. They definitely look way healthier now. I even had a friend of mine tell me that my hair looked healthier, Alexa. So, Alexa, thank you so much. So I think the Mielle hair oil is working. Do you think the Argan hair oil is making your hair healthier in any way? 

BRITO: Honestly, yeah I’ve seen a difference in my hair. I feel like my hair has less split ends and since my hair is straight I feel like it’s made it look more shiny than before. Oh and also I feel like my hair has been less dry recently. 

GONZALEZ: Oh em gee me too bruh, me too. I totally forgot to mention that before I started using the Mielle hair oil, my hair literally felt like hay guys like no joke. It was super dry and dead honestly but now with this oil my hair has felt softer I guess you can say. Also I have sorta long hair but the thing is that my hair has always taken really long to grow, but I feel like when I started using the Mielle hair oil, my hair has been growing faster and it’s also been growing fuller and thicker. Like before it was up to half my waist and now it’s below my bottom so I can really tell that it’s been growing.

BRITO: Yeah I’ve noticed that your hair has gotten longer too. Wait, how long have you been using this hair oil? 

GONZALEZ: Ive been using the Mielle hair oil for about three months, and I’m actually currently on my second bottle right now so yes guys, go buy it!

BRITO: Oh wow, so you really must have liked it to even have repurchased it?

GONZALEZ: Yes girl, most definitely! Well how long have you been using the Argan Oil Treatment?

BRITO: I haven’t used it as long as you, have but I’ve been using it for like a month and 2 weeks around there.

GONZALEZ: Oh that’s still a good amount of time. Since we already said like most, the most important things about the oil and the best things, were like, were there any things you didn’t like about it?

BRITO: I mean the only thing I didn’t really like about it was the price. It’s about $20 so I would consider it to be expensive. But the bottle is kinda big so it’s fine what about you, what did you not like about it?

GONZALEZ: $20, oh my god, that is actually insane, I’m not gonna lie. That is a lot. Honestly the Mielle hair oil was only $9 so I’m fine with the price. I think it’s considered a drug store product because I bought it at a Target so it’s not really high class, but yeah it was cheap obviously if it’s from Target but it’s still such good quality. Honestly the only thing I disliked was the size of the bottle because this oil runs out so fast like too fast guys, honestly. The bottles are really small. Like they’re the size of, how do I compare it to. I don’t know what to compare it to but the bottle is small okay, it’s not that big so yeah. I’m on my second one and I recently bought it like you say can like two weeks ago and it’s actually almost at its last drop so that’s kinda bugging me because you know, I don’t want to be having to buy it every two weeks so that’s the only thing I disliked about this hair oil. But it might be just me because I use a good amount of it each time I apply it to my hair and I apply it daily so some other people might use it like once or twice a week. I’m not sure, so that can kind of affects, you know how much it lasts you so for everyone it’s going to be different.

BRITO: That sucks, so I think we’ve discussed what we liked and disliked about these hair oils. How about we move on to rating them?

GONZALEZ: Okay yeah sure, personally I rate the Mielle hair oil a 9/10. I totally recommend it for the wavy hair girl community. Trust me guys It is gonna do miracles for your hair like miracles, it’s going to make your hair healthier, fuller, longer, you know anything you want! Oh and it’s going to make your hair smell better because it’s like this mint smell and I’ve been getting compliments on how my hair smells, so yeah. What about you Lupe, what do you rate the Argan oil?

BRITO: I rate it a 8/10 since I did see improvement in my hair, and yeah to be honest I would recommend it to people. Of course I have straight hair so I’m not sure how it would look on the wavy hair people.

GONZALEZ: Well guys, those are our reviews on these two lovely hair products. Like we always say in every, in our past podcasts don’t let our own opinions change your mind. Obviously, we will all have different experiences and when it comes to these hair oils, it obviously depends on your hair type. But honestly I say to you guys give these products a try. 

BRITO: Totally agree with what Lola said, don’t let our opinions dictate your own. This is the end of our podcast and it’s actually our last podcast for our freshman year. Thank you so much for following us on our journey. Hopefully sophomore year we will be able to continue our opinions with you guys! Wizards out!

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