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The Student News Site of Middle College High School @ Santa Ana College

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The Student News Site of Middle College High School @ Santa Ana College

The Spellbinder

The new computer case policy

The new policy on laptop cases has taken place.

Unlike other SAUSD schools, Middle College High School provides students with laptops to conform with the college work Santa Ana College requires without issues. With this privilege came a recent controversial policy surrounding the topic. MCHS students are required to place their laptops inside computer cases at all times. If not followed, getting caught by the school’s security guard means he has the right to confiscate the device until students can prove they have the proper case to care for their laptops.

When the requirement came to be, Mr. Frausto started his daily routine of visiting classrooms to ensure students were abiding by the rules. Those who did not would get their laptops taken away and placed in Mrs. Compton’s room. In the meantime, while students had their laptops confiscated, they were able to check out loaner Chromebooks for the day. Many students have had different opinions on the situation.

Biology and CTE teacher, Mrs. Compton, explains her rationale behind the upbringing of the policy.

“It started mid-semester when I was getting a lot of cracked screens in the MCHS tech request form. The screens are very costly to repair and I was finding that students were not using their cases, and thus, because they are so sensitive because they are touch screens, they were breaking easier,” Compton said.

Each laptop cost around $1,000-1,200 and having to keep repairing the screens was an issue. Thus, a solution came about and so the new case policy was implemented. It is fair to say that while these cases aren’t very pleasant to have, they aren’t so terrible and offer some benefits.

MCHS chose these hard cases, oversleeves, messenger bags, backpacks, and briefcases for many reasons. The case includes an extra pocket to store things, promoting organization. It has a handle in which students can hold it and carry it around with ease. Ultimately, its design is durable and prevents impact from a drop or a spill.

Compton agrees that these cases are effective.

“The cool thing about the cases is that they are called working cases so you don’t have to remove the laptop to charge or work with it. They’re also thinner, they’re not much bigger than the laptop themselves but are hard cases so they are protective,” Compton said.

Having taken action to resolve the number of broken screens reported, Compton can see the positive results that came from these cases. She goes on to describe the results of having this protective measure put into place.

“It’s helping, I’ve only had like one cracked screen since we did that and that person, it was a fluke accident. The cases aren’t going to completely protect from cracked screens but they are going to help. It has saved me so much time and effort,” Compton said.

This was only the input from a school staff member. Having been the ones affected by this policy, students express their concerns and views. Sophomore William Mendiola shares his perspective on the topic.

“I feel that the requirement to have a laptop cover is a great idea. The cases help to mitigate any damage that may be done while not having a laptop case,” Mendiola said.

While effective in their intended use of keeping the costly laptops provided by MCHS safe from damage, are the cases something students are happy with? Among many students who don’t like having to follow this policy is sophomore Clarissa Silvia.

“I didn’t like the requirement of having the laptop cover because it just takes so much space and it’s uncomfortable for me,” Silvia said.

Although a new MCHS staff member, Mr. Anguiano shares his experience as he’s never seen a policy like this before at any of his former schools.

“I like the laptop policy because it keeps the equipment, you know, protected so that nothing happens to it,” Anguiano said.

While it is evident that there are many mixed reviews concerning the mandated cases it is something that does not seem likely to go away. The responsibility with the laptops provided by the school comes with the safety precautions for the bettering of our school and its future with technology. Ensuring the safety and longevity of these devices not only protects the school’s investments but also enhances the learning environment for students at MCHS.

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