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The Spellbinder

How are people doing Christmas shopping this year?

Brianna Tovar (made with Canva)
There are many ways people do their Christmas shopping, whether that be online or in store.

As Christmas approaches, holiday shopping becomes a big part of this season. About 93% of people will shop online for at least a few gifts. Gift giving brings joy to many people; let’s see how people are doing it this year.

People have been influenced to shop for gifts online throughout the past years. This influences people to shop earlier especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just before Christmas. Most buyers tend to start shopping during November. Buyers have all sorts of preferences when it comes to gift shopping.

MCHS teacher Edward Valenzuela sticks to old fashioned Christmas shopping.

“I prefer shopping in stores for gifts, and I usually only get immediate family gifts,” Valenzuela said.

Although in Our Gift To You: 2023 Holiday Shopping Predictions To Sleigh This Season, a major prediction would be that buyers would shop mainly online, but many people still stick to old fashioned shopping. Gen Z and millennials were mainly the ones behind this prediction.

Sophomore April Carranza, participates in Secret Santa with her friends.

“I get gifts for my parents, siblings, friends and Secret Santa,” Carranza said.

Secret Santa is a game tradition played by people worldwide. It is more common in teenagers, but many people participate in it. It was predicted that most buyers would only shop for immediate family members, but some buyers tend to shop for more people aside from immediate family members.

MCHS teacher Chyna Tran has been influenced by online shopping.

“I do my shopping online; there’s no way I’m going inside stores during the holiday season,” Tran said.

Shopping online has been more of a trend as of this year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to be influential towards the holiday seasons.

The end results were that most people will be shopping online this year. November has become the most popular month for holiday shopping; as of right now, people will stick to gifting to immediate family members.

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